I'm not really new to Vienna as I've been here for 2 and a half years now, but I'd really like to meet some other English speakers that over here too :) So anywho if anyone wants to get some coffee or anything like that then feel free to message me!

hello i am free all week, when would you like to meet up? just drop me a pm ;)


We can meet and go for a beer if you want...

Hi I'm going to be in Vienna this Wed and Thurs and keen to meet up with English speaking ex-pats.

I don't know very many people yet in Austria and keen to change that!

Anyone keen to meet up in the day for coffee or evening for an alcoholic beverage?


Hi ,

I'd love to. I was planning to go to an Irish pub. We can go together if you want. Who wanna join??


Hi SofieCat,

on the wednesday evening?  Which Irish pub?

There's a Headquaters austria event that I might be attending which is here:
1030 Wien, Rudolf-Sallinger-Platz 1
form 6- 8:30. 

Is that the right part of town for where you were thinking?  Could meet up either before or afterwards.



Sorry... I just had time to check my emails.
I cannot make it this week since I have to work till late. The deadline of the Business plan is changed :/ so we have to finish :( 
r u here on weekend? saturday night?


I have another offer.
Do you know where MQ is?
On Thursday I can come at around 18:00 for half an hour / 40 min. for a cup of glühwein and then go back to work.

Ah that's a shame.  I'm going to be back in Graz tomorrow evening.

I'll be up in Vienna again early December so we will have to leave it till then.  Dann changing business plans :)

Perhaps there's some meet up going on around then.



try to stay over a weekend when u come again in December.

Is this a one chain of communication or two directions? Which one to follow:).

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