Urgent: Buying a computer -- best "service après vente"?

An expat friend has an urgent need for a new laptop computer. Nothing fancy, just a relatively recent and reliable machine from an established manufacturer.

She wants to buy it immediately from a brick-and-mortar store, not order it online. Which of these stores would likely have the best service après vente and provide the best warranty service in case there's a problem: Virgin Megastore, Carrefour, Marjane, Bestmark, Electroplanet ? Or perhaps someone knows another very reputable place in Agadir.

Thank you.

Hi, I would say Virgin megastore. I bought my brother in law a laptop from their store in Fes. Really good customer service, the staff were helpful and explained all the extended/extra warranty options.

Probably best to go in to the stores and have a look.

Thank you very much, aviator1. I'll pass that info to my friend right away. Very helpful.