Are international chain stores in Morocco common?

Just wondering when in Morocco is it common in most places to see a Nike Store, Addias Store, Pandora Jewelry Store, Zhara store?  Or it is more likely to having a store selling items from these companies?

I know when in Morocco my daughter usually gets lots of fake brand name stuff.  I don't have the heart to break it to her that the items she bought were knock offs as there is no way that you are getting authentic Gucci flip flops for $10 when they retail for like $400 or more.

Does the average Moroccan buy mainly from souks and locally shops?  This might sounds like a stupid questions, but in my Country in my city most store are international and the minority are "Canadian".  We often do pay more then Americans for the same items.

What are sales taxes when you buy things in stores in Morocco?

Does anyone know if Pandora Jewelry is popular in Morocco?

In Casa and other big cities they have the big brand name stores like Zara etc. I'm not really into big brand name stuff so perhaps someone else can answer. I have noticed that people always ask "Is it original?" - i.e. not a knock-off product. At a guess I would say many Moroccans shop at local markets as the brand names stores are incredibly expensive.

The knock offs lol.
My daughter came back from Morocco saying mommy everyone in Morocco is wearing Gucci and Louis Vuitton hats, shoes and clothes how come you wont buy me that anything from these stores.
Since then she has been very comfortably walking in to Gucci or Louis Vuitton stores where we are from.
I had to explain to her that 99% of what she saw were knock offs.
As I declined buying her a $3000 backpack from the actual Louis Vuitton store she decided she is going to save her money and go buy a bunch of knock off designer stuff in Morocco this summer lol.
Thankfully she is fly back home with her father because I do not going through Canadian customs with a bag full of knock of designer to get a huge fine if they think it is authentic or some other consequence if they think I buying knock offs to resale.
I can usually spot a knock off designer item, but got to admit there are some really good knock offs.
I also don't see the logic in wearing high end designer items in certain places as it basically puts a target on your back to get robbed.
When shopping in Morocco I am going to be looking for locally made Moroccan things as I have realized in many developing countries authentic international brand name items are a lot more expensive and I know how to get these authentic items very cheap where I am from and even cheaper in the USA.