Online shopping in Morocco

Hello everyone,

Shopping online can be far more convenient and offer greater choice than going into shops, be it grocery shopping or retail.

Are there options for online shopping in Morocco? Which sites or apps do you use most frequently and are these local or international?

Are there particular products that are cheaper to buy online or that are perhaps not available in Morocco?

What is the delivery process like — is it easy to receive deliveries and what are the costs of shipping? Are there any taxes to pay upon receipt?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi. All depends on whether ur buying locally online or intenationally. There are obviously some handy sites where u can buy stuff online in Morocco like  www. or
Their delivery fees are cited in their sites.

I use this website for online shopping
but the deliveries take forever (sometimes more than a month)

Hello Priscilla,
have u tried any ofbthe suggested website above?

Has anyone got experience of ordering from large online sites like Amazon or Ebay and getting things delivered to Morocco? Is that possible? Do deliveries take a long time?

Very few ebay merchants deliver to Morocco or African countries in general. I don't believe Amazon deliver either.

I am a recreational shopper.  Thanks for starting this thread as this is something I was wondering too.  I have pretty horrible experiences shipping packages to Morocco so I stopped.  I found a trend.  If I shipped stuff any time around Eid the package would go missing and never ever be discovered.  This was awhile ago I was hopping things would be better now. 

How much is location in Morocco a factor.  I would assume that people living in major cities would get better/ faster mail delivery service.  Is this true?

I found shopping in Morocco actually more expensive for certain items when considering quality.  For example shopping the same global chain stores items cost the same or more then I would pay here, but the average person makes way there in Morocco.

The items is souks were often fake brand names/ knock offs and were high priced considering the quality.

I have noticed this when travelling to other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Also wanted to ask are uses of credit cards becoming more common in Morocco.  North Americans live on credit to the point in some major cities people pay more by taping their bank cards on the machines vs actually using cash/ physical currently.

Also is Moroccan postal service run by the government or privately run?