Mystery shopper in Casablanca

Albatross is a marketing research company and we're looking for a mystery shopper who can evaluate customer service. After evaluating,  fill in online survey with your experience. There is also interesting compensation for each survey.
You can do our job using your extra time after work or weekend.  If you are interested in, please answer me.([email protected])

Hello. Thank you for this information.

Please post details of the remuneration, conditions, requirements, how fees would be paid to the shopper and some more information about the company (where it's based, where its Moroccan office is located and so on) here, so that we can all see and evaluate the terms.

I am casting no aspersions at all on you or your company, but I receive a dozen offers in my SPAM mailbox every day to become a mystery shopper. If followed up, these offers would have asked for fees for "training" or a "one time" fee to "join".

I'm sure you'll agree that a reputable company such as yours would jump at the opportunity to show its trustworthiness.

In the meantime, I work in the Market Research industry, so I am personally interested in this affair.

Thanks for your interest.
Please see the details about Albatross Global Solutions ( We never  ask for any cost from the shoppers. 

If you could kindly register with us at, wed be happy to have you participate in our surveys.
We will need you to fill in your profile completely, as this is how we will find a suitable project for you.

Once done, then please let me know your log  in ID to give you more details. ( [email protected])

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

I see that the offer looks genuine and that your company is known in the world.

I have followed the link you suggested, but I cannot find any specific information on a couple of the questions I raised, that is, precise remuneration and how it is paid. That will be for others to find out if and when they apply.

My interest was academic only, seeing as I work in MR! Indeed, according to the rules of the MRS supervising body in the UK, I an not permitted to work as a mystery shopper or do surveys while I am employed in the industry.