Rice Cooker

I need to replace my rice cooker, but I can't find one here in Tetouan (not in the few real shops, not in the Medina, and not even in the streets).  Does anybody know if they can be found somewhere in Morocco?  I travel a fair amount with my job, and could probably pick one up between Fes and Tetouan while on business.  My Chinese-Indonesian wife will die if she can't get her daily rice!
Also, since we are on the subject, which town has the best selecton of Asian goods?  And, finally, has anybody ever found lemongrass here?  I've asked the locals here, and the answer I get from Tetouanis, (and the sole Korean) is "no."
Thanks for your feedback.

Its hard to find typical rice cooker in morocco. But then if its only rice then u dont need cooker specifically to cook rice, m sure u know about it.
U can find chinese, thai and indian restaurants in casablanca. Google it and u will know.


Thanks for our reply.  I'll check out some of the Asian places when I head down to Casa sometime next month. 
Take care, and thanks again.

Hi Steeve:

Follow the steps of your wife's grandparents in cooking rice while you wait for a replacement. Boil water and put the rice in while you babysit the rice.

are you from India, do you know any place in Casablanca where we can get Indian food items like DAL and other species