British citizen stuck in a marriage, need help on divorce

Dear all lovely people.

My heart has been broken 💔

I got legally married in Mid October.

Went over in December again to do prep work for my wedding ceremony in May 2023.

Since after the marriage my wife's behaviour changed.

In December we had an argument and she left the apartment and went back to her mum and didn't communicate with me for 2 days.

The following day after our argument she sent a court person I am not if it was legit with a small piece of paper saying divorce of something.  I didn't understand and felt threatened and frightend.

I then booked my flight back to the UK asap. My wife was jot happy about this and we have not been in contact since 31st December apart from a barrage of messages we exchanged in mid Jan 23.

Her uncle has tried to communicate with he rby going to her home but she doesn't wanna hear it.

I am not sure if its because we may not be compatible or that she wanted to marry me for money or she has someone but how can your wife not want to contact you for that long.

What I want to know is if I cannot communicate with her as she doesn't take my calls or reads my messages should I just leave it or how do I look to end it?

What I understand a woman cannot end the divorce religiously but in moroccan law they can.

Uk law doesn't allow you to divorce until after a year of marriage.

Some really good help or advice will help as I am hopeless atm.

This is one of many stories of how Moroccans are using and scamming people..

Unfortunately morocco is quickly being known as the hub for sex tourism and fraudulent marriages.

Sorry, but she wouldn't be able to get a court person to your house in 2 days for divorce.

She would need to go to the court, the court would encourage marriage counselling in their Chambers. If that doesn't work and you both agree to divorce that takes about 3 months.

She can islamically ask for divorce and legally, but legally since that is how divorce is validated in Morocco she needs your co operation or prove a year of absence from you physically and financially.

Unless she can prove you have physically abused her.

Becareful because women also lie about this, they will literally hit themselves or have a family member hit them and say the husband did it.

She gets a larger settlement.

In exchange for divorce she will get alimony, don't agree to more than 30,000 dirhams ( that is to cover 3 months of her expenses and is more than sufficient since it doesn't sound like you have kids )

@Kage BoilingTuber stay away and consider yourself lucky. You should have seen the signs earlier. If your marriage was done under the Islamic religion she will have a hard time divorcing you.


You can't blame him for this. She is a piece of sh!t by the sound of it and that isn't his fault.

So you believe blaming him is appropriate?

Most people don't show ' red flags' or there isn't any clear warning to their behaviour until they have you where they want you.

That's why you see it at the time you do, they let their guard down.

This is true narcissistic traits or sociopathy.

Please don't blame people who have been used or abused for what has happened to them.

How wrong of you.

As a Muslim, you should understand the wrong doer , the oppressor is the one who is punished not the oppressed.

@aishahm thank you so much for this. She definitely is narcissistic and I will keep in contact so that she doesn't have proof I was absent.

@aishahm jzk bro I really appreciate your kind words.

@idouarab2712 I could not have seen it as everything was normal

@Kage BoilingTuber no problem, get a good lawyer.

@aishahm a good moroccan lawyer or British? I already have a British lawyer.

I won't be travelling to Morocco anytime soon

@aishahm no one is blaming him. You need to grow up. Sex tourism is a growing problem in Morocco and everyone can see that young ladies and yound men in Morocco are generally after money or a chance to get to Europe. Who blames them when people from Europe who are desperate for fairytales of romance and happy endings which only exist in films. The reality is that foreigners are using and abusing the desperate people with the only dreams is money and chance to go to a rich country. Morocco is a very liberal country where Islam has lost its place many years ago and everyone knows it. I think you are confusing morocco with the likes of Afghanistan or Pakistan where they still live in the pre-stone ages.

Well if you read my other posts your presumptions would be proven very incorrect

@Kage BoilingTuber

‘Legally married' by Islamic Law or civil as well?

2 certificates?

4 months of ‘ marriage'-  surely it can be annulled?   

What on on earth are you afraid of ? And why on earth would you want to carry on being married to this person!

Cut your losses and move it.


Why?  If incompatible, why would you prolong it?  Islamic Law is actually pretty easy- ie... try to save marriage, separate, then if, not divorce...

time given in each case.

Western divorce - 2 years of separation minimum, then paperwork.

@RR@ hi there, it's civil and I am not wanting tkbstay with this person but atm I've been ghosted and have no comkjncisiton atm

Send divorce notice to last known work& home address.