I completed my medical tests at QVC on 20th August but the QVC website is still showing lab report pending. It has been more than 15 working days I have called QVC multiple times and every time they tell me that my results are sent to MOH and the report is being delayed from their end. Can someone tell me what that means and how much longer should I wait. My employer has already raised a ticket at MOI and we are waiting for their response on this

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@Uzair Farooqui bro now its done or not

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Are you in the same situation right now?

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Cheryl team

The situation for him not sure if his medical test done or not. May Cheryl you can answer 1f600.svg

My medical was submitted dated september 28, 2022 but still now my visa status was under outside process worker biometric test was received from outside. please help me .

Kindly ask your employer to check with QVC in Qatar or  else you can call QVC in India and raise a ticket.

@Wilson I already call QVC in the Philippines and as per QVC my medical result is submitted already and the result if available with employer but still my employer did not received my result , What is need to do?

You need to wait atleast15- 20 days excluding weekends. If you dont hear from the exceeded days you can approach QVC and raise a Ticket. ( Sometime it takes 25 days as well if your Test were repeated)

@Wilson it has been 21 days (excluding weekends) after medical test.. what should I do.. employer already raised ticket.. qatar officials says they didn't receive medical report.. qvc india says they submitted report on 29 September.. what can I do here to get my visa

@imran727 hi, my wife also done QVC test on sept 31, but still now showing WORKER BIOMETRICS TEST RECEIVED FROM OUTSIDE. How long it will take!?

Did you get any update after that? Pls let me know.


@Arjun Natraj no.. no update so far

@Wilson Its been 25days from my QVC done on September 27, 2022 excluded friday, saturday and Sunday . And my medical is not repeated because qvc did not required me to revisit qvc philippines.

How to raise a ticket to MOI

Please contact QVC center they will assist you to raise the ticket. OR other option is ask your employer to contact QVC in Qatar and raise the ticket

This case is closed now. As per one of the FB groups, the guy received visa on 4th day

Once the problem is resolved, people are not updating the outcome here.

You guys don't have to worry if

  1. Medical Report is submitted (QVC)
  2. MOI shows "Under outside process - Worker Biometrics Tests received from outside"

Wait for 15 working days. When I called Qatar QVC (not local QVC), they asked me to wait for 15 days

My qvc completed on 6th Feb and qvc website showing medical report submitted. MOI showing outside process since almost 3 months now. My sponsor raised ticket i called local qvc and qvc qatar multiple times but no use.