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VAM Systems is a Business Consulting, IT Solutions and Services company.

VAM Systems is currently looking for Bubble Developer for our UAE operations with the following skillsets and terms & conditions:

The candidate must meet the following qualifications:

• Bachelor's degree in IT Engineering

• Minimum of 3 years' experience in web application development

• Strong understanding of Bubble.io's visual programming interface and capabilities.

• Proven track record of deploying and managing applications on the Bubble.io platform.

• Experience with Bubble.io's database functionalities, including data structuring, querying, and

• management.

• Strong understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) principles.

• Ability to design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that align with the project requirements.

• Excellent project management skills to handle timelines, milestones, and deliverables.

• Strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with stakeholders, understand requirements, and provide updates.

• Ability to provide clear and comprehensive documentation.

• Experience in conducting thorough testing of applications to ensure functionality, performance, and security.

• Familiarity with user acceptance testing (UAT) processes and incorporating feedback.

• Ability to create and deliver training sessions for end-users and administrators.

• Experience in providing ongoing support and maintenance post-deployment.

• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to address and resolve any issues that arise during


• Ability to troubleshoot and debug applications efficiently.

• Familiarity with health, safety, and environment (HSE) processes and requirements.

• Experience working in Agile development environments.

• Detail-oriented, self-audited, dependable, highly motivated, and trustworthy.

• Good ability to prioritize, manage time well, and able to multitask.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment.

• Possess sound work ethics, cultural awareness, and sensitivity.

• Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality.

• Excellent organizational and analytical skills are required to prioritize workload daily.

• Excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) and selected

Project Brief:

• The objective of this project is to develop a custom web application using Bubble.io to Automate and streamline the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) service request process for the client's portal. The application will facilitate the submission, verification, and approval of service requests, payment processing, and document management.

Scope of Work

• User Authentication and Authorization

• Develop secure login and registration functionality for clients.

• Implement role-based access control to restrict access to specific functionalities based on user

• roles.

Service Request Submission

• Create a user-friendly form for clients to submit service requests along with the required


• Ensure the form captures all necessary information as per HSE requirements.

• Integrate file upload functionality to allow clients to attach relevant documents.

Application Verification

• Develop an interface for HSE Admins to review and verify submitted applications and documents.

• Implement automated notifications to inform HSE Admins of new submissions via email with

• direct links to the application.

Payment Processing

• Develop functionality to release the Sales order to client through portal.

• Provide functionality for clients to upload payment receipts.

• Notify HSE Admins upon receipt of payment and provide an interface to verify payments.

Document Management

• Develop a cloud-based document storage system within the portal.

• Implement functionality to categorize and manage documents related to each service request.

Inspection and Approval Workflow

• Create workflow processes for HSE Inspectors to verify documents, prepare certificates/reports,

and issue approvals.

• Implement steps for HSE Inspectors to request additional documents if initial submissions are unsatisfactory.

• Develop approval processes involving HSE Managers and Directors.

Notification System

• Set up automated email notifications to keep clients and HSE staff informed about the status of their requests.

• Include notifications for submission confirmations, payment receipts, document approval requests, and final approvals.

Reporting and Documentation

• Generate reports in predefined formats within the portal.

• Allow HSE Inspectors to send reports to clients with options for clients to add comments and submit additional documents.

Risk and Observation Categorization

• Implement preset observation templates with risk categorization (High, Medium, Low) and observation categorization.

• Allow HSE Inspectors to add new observations and categorize them accordingly.

Client Interaction Features

• Enable clients to comment on requests, submit missing documents, and respond to HSE inquiries through the portal.

• Ensure all interactions are logged and tracked within the system.

Dashboard Preparation

• Design and implement a comprehensive dashboard for HSE Admins and Inspectors.

• Include real-time data visualization for tracking the status of service requests, payments, and approvals.

• Provide metrics and KPIs such as number of requests submitted, pending verifications, completed approvals, and payment statuses.

• Ensure the dashboard is customizable and allows filtering based on various criteria (e.g., date range, request type, client).

• Integrate graphical representations such as charts and graphs to facilitate easy monitoring and decision-making.

Testing and Quality Assurance

• Conduct thorough testing to ensure all functionalities work as intended.

• Perform user acceptance testing with HSE staff to validate the system meets their requirements.

Training and Support

• Provide training sessions for HSE staff on how to use the new system.

• Offer ongoing support and maintenance to address any issues post-deployment.

Terms and conditions

Joining time frame: 1 month (15 - 30 days)

The selected candidates shall join VAM Systems - UAE and shall be deputed to one of the leading Organisation in UAE.

Should you be interested in this opportunity, please send your latest resume in MS Word format at the earliest at talent.acquisition@vamsystems.com

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