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Everything you need to know to work in Tokyo
The work culture in Tokyo
In Japan, the value of having a job floods the entire social fabric. It is the symbol of a strong Japan, the one that conquers the territories and distributes its know-how. Having a job is a sign of success: employment is a vector of social status. However, this system, in which respect for hierarchy is paramount, has shown its limits.
Finding work in Tokyo
Tokyo is definitely the ideal place to find a job in Japan. This is where the headquarters of large corporations are located. This is also where one can have a thriving career and have access to senior positions. There are more job offers available than in other cities. Most of the expatriates settle in Tokyo. In addition to employment opportunities, the capital also provides a valuable living environment: accessible transportation, entertainment complexes, national parks, etc.
The labour market in Tokyo
Today, Japan is the world's third economic powerhouse. Economic insights look stable: a wide range of career prospects and a 2.8% unemployment rate. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is looking to increase overall salaries. However, deep incongruences remain as Tokyo is a perfect illustration of a dual labour market.
Internships in Japan
Are you dreaming of doing an internship in the Land of the Rising Sun but don't know how to go about it? You may have heard that internship offers in Japan are rare, and you would like advice on preparing to move to Japan.
Finding a job in Sendai
It is known as "the city of trees". Sendai, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, is also the most populated city in the region. It gets its nickname from its main street, lined on both sides with large trees. In its plan for 2030, Sendai aims to make more room for nature for a green and respectful ecosystem. The city also promotes multiculturalism through intercultural exchange programs. Dynamic, the city attracts many companies for a lower cost of living than in Tokyo. Why not work in Sendai? Here's a practical guide to settling down and finding your dream job.
Starting a business in Japan
Are you considering relocating or starting a new business in Japan? You may wonder if setting up a business in Japan takes much time and effort. How can you comply with all the conditions and procedures? How can you smoothly open your business in the Land of the Rising Sun? Don't worry! Here is a practical guide to starting your business in Japan.
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