Can I find a job in Japan?


I am a 42 year old woman from Serbia, Europe, and I would like to find a job as a kindergarten teacher in Japan. Teaching in a primary school would also be an option. Is it doable?

I have a law degree and a CELTA certificate.

I cannot speak a single word of Japanese, though.

Please, your opinions and advice?

PS. I am in Serbia, not in Japan.

Hello IvanaBelgrade,

Most of the foreigners are teaching english in Japan because it is the easiest option. But there is way more foreigners that jobs so it is difficult to get a job.

I have an australian friend teaching english in a kindergarten, she does not speak japanese and she has no diploma for teaching like most of the other teachers because it is not necessary in kindergarten.
But she cannot get the working visa so for now she is using the Working Holiday visa.

First, you should check out the japanese embassy in Serbia, to see what are the visa options for you and what are the conditions to get the Working Visa because it is different for all countries, and it's better to make sure that you have the profil to get the visa before to find a job.

Hi Ivana

Gaijin pot jobs is popular job searching site and you might be able to find visa sponsorship company.

Hi Hiro7.

Thank you for your contribution but do note that the last post on this thread is from more than a year ago

Anas, team :)

Hello! Can anyone give me some information about Interac company? I'm confused about their requrments.  I cannot understand what kind of refferences they need? Official refferences from some companies or just e-mails with my supervisor, phone conversatio with them etc. Can anyone help me?