Job Question

I recently was offered a job in Japan that included flight reimbursement, so I bought my airline ticket right away. When I received the contract in the mail it said that I am required to purchase my airline ticket through THEIR agency. I emailed them immediately and asked them to honor my ticket. They said they would only reimburse my ticket if I changed my flight from Sept 20 to Sept 24th. My question is this….why? Why would they care if I enter the country four days earlier? Is this standard for English teacher positions?

Second question…. I'm thinking, since I've already got an air ticket, I'll just fly to Tokyo and look for another position. I've taught English in two other countries (4 years experience) have a university degree, a ton of business clothes and an american accent. Do you think I'll have trouble finding a job in Japan? What's the best way to go about it?


Getting a job can be quite difficult, if only because you need someone to sponsor your VISA ahead of time.  Otherwise it can become a big pain, as work VISAs can take over three months to obtain while in Japan.

The company probably just has a policy of getting tickets through a certain agency.  Believe me, sometimes simple things like plane tickets can be the biggest bureaucratic nightmare ever in Japan. 

As for jobs in Tokyo... well... thats a tough one.  Its a very expensive city.  Again, you need a work VISA before anyone can even think of employing you (many places want you to have one before).  Plus its the off season for hiring in schools, as the school year is already rolling.  The new years starts in March, so apply for a position starting then.

Try to find a job.  Its where I found mine.