Acca qualification and looking for a job in Japan

Can 2 years of audit experience (this is ofcoz assumed to have Acca qualification), and N2 Japanese language proficiency help me land a job in Japan ?  With that said, will I have to update my qualification and retake exams (ex : Audit and tax papers) based in Japan ?

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While waiting for the others to give feedback, I suggest you start by reading the Living in Tokyo guide for expats > Work in Tokyo.


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@phangminmin0421 May I ask where are you from?

I would suggest check accredited agency in your home country if you're outside Japan as each country have different rules.Like for Philippine citizen it has to go through accredited agency bec direct hire is not allowed but I have some colleagues from other countries and they didn't go through agencies back in their home country.

I am from Malaysia 🇲🇾 thank you for your advice, I'll be sure to check on these requirements.. all I know is that Malaysia do not allow work holiday programmes in Japan, though this has little to do with me trying to apply for a full-time job in Japan, I feel that this may mean tighter requirements and restrictions ..

This is a good qualification thing and I hope that it will only work out with the changes that we can think about and I hope that it will be good to check out. There are some interesting things that we can see with all of the job that we can think about which will be good to talk about.