Filipina worker from Dubai

Hi, I am Roan, A filipina-expat worker here in Dubai. I would like to work in Japan, I am open to positions as a factory worker, food-server, hotel jobs or anything that will match my skills and experiences. I can also learn Japanese language. I do hope that I will have positive chances on this. Thanks and God bless.

Hi Roan,

Welcome to :)

I suggest you browse through the Jobs in Tokyo section and drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable doing please :)

Best of luck to you with jobs hunting !

Thank you


On the way back to office I saw you AD in Expat,
we are in need of 3 staff, so please send your resume with a picture and full details
of yourself,
I am Merkle, working as a manager for a company here in Japan.
after looking at resume I can contact you or you can ad me in skype,
my skype ID is ubsgeneva.
have a great day