Looking for service staff, With proper working Visa near TOKYO

We have 3 different places, we are always searching for people,
but we don't sponsor, I am the only "gaijin" in the place then a vital minimum of Japanese is needed.
And for sure a nice experience of restaurant or Hotel service is also welcomed.
You send me a link to your Linked in profile, I will forward it to my boss.

Hi Tsurubaso,

Could you please post in the Tokyo jobs section?

Expat.com Team

Could you please suggest me about living and getting Job in Japan.

I'm a B.com Graduate.
I'm working as a Customer support executive in a BPO, for Electronic Arts.
My work is to Assist Customers via Live chat.

I'm Learning Japanese Language as well. (Just learning since 2 months)

I want to know the opportunities to get job and living in Japan.

I have not done anything Special in my Educations. I'm not Financially strong as well.

But still want to roam out of India.

Any suggestions to make this Journey easy?

Hello Sir,

I came a week before here in Tokyo on temporary visa.Sir i don't have any degree in university but i am graduated higher secondary my B.A is on going if u any work for me so plz contact me on my emai l id thank you!


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