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Haik, arigato san ,

I hope my fellow filipino and filipina in japan can help me find a job in japan , but the problem is I can not speak japanese.... Hope they can really help me.


Hi services,

I created a new thread from your post on the Japan forum

In which sector are you looking for work please :)?

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

I'm BEGGAT Inasse. I'm pharmacist from Algeria. Ilike very much Japan and i want to work there. But i don't know the japanese.
thank you

Hi, I may have a job possibility if you're interested. Please contact me directly. You don't need to know Japanese, and you'd be your own boss. Are you in the Tokyo area?

Hello :)

For all those in search or proposing a job offer, you should post the advert in the job section.


Karen :)

i prefer tokyo or kanagawa area for baby sitting,english and japanese speaking is not a problem


jhinna, that thread is one year old ... please post in the jobs section



We are supplying trainees from Vietnam, if anyone is interested, please email us: [email protected]

Thank you

Could you please suggest me about living and getting Job in Japan.

I'm a B.com Graduate.
I'm working as a Customer support executive in a BPO, for Electronic Arts.
My work is to Assist Customers via Live chat.

I'm Learning Japanese Language as well. (Just learning since 2 months)

I want to know the opportunities to get job and living in Japan.

I have not done anything Special in my Educations. I'm not Financially strong as well.

But still want to roam out of India.

Any suggestions to make this Journey easy?