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The capital of Miyagi prefecture and with over 1 million inhabitants, Sendai is by far the largest city of the Tohoku Region and one of the largest in Japan. The city features many different industries, and has a notably large tourism sector. This economic diversity has attracted expats who want to work in Sendai, and the expat community has been growing.

Sendai's economy

The economy of Sendai is currently flourishing and, in fact, Sendai is the economic centre of its region. It is also the home base of the region’s transportation and logistics. As previously mentioned the city has a number of different industries and these all contribute well to the economy. The two main industries however are retail and services, with a large amount of employment being within these areas.

There are also many large companies and businesses located in Sendai, with the city’s business district featuring many office buildings, skyscrapers and large shopping malls. The largest company headquartered in Sendai to date is the Tohoku Power Station, with plans being made for more large companies to have headquarters in the city too.


Sendai is a great city of opportunity for anyone, including foreign nationals. The main areas of work are in education and tourism, however work can be found in other areas too.

Tourism in Sendai has recently been greatly expanding. The city is known for its scenic views including Matsushima (one of the most scenic views in Japan), historical sites and culinary specialities, all of which have been attracting many tourists. Due to its tourism expansion the tourist industry has recently been offering openings to more and more expatriates, particularly in areas of hospitality and translation/guides.

Education offers many work opportunities for expats, mainly in the realm of teaching English but also in teaching other foreign languages, cultural studies and more. Sendai has many educational institutions and a particular focus on higher education with roles as a university lecturer not being uncommon. There are also many English language schools as well as openings for teaching other foreign languages.

If you are not interested in either education or tourism work you can also apply for jobs in retail, services, trade and the technology fields. Roles in these areas do require special skills and qualifications, plus if you are applying to a Japanese company high level of Japanese is a must.

Finding a job in Sendai

Finding work in Sendai should not be too hard and you can search online websites, online classifieds and in newspaper classified ads too. If you are having trouble finding a job or want something more specific you can sign up with a recruitment agency who will match your profile to a suitable post.

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