Doctor in Japan - A Theoretical Question

(Currently in the United States) Here is a theoretical question for something that I have been considering. Please note, that I'm just a student that's interested. I don't have dead set plans or anything, just questions right now.

I have wondered how can a practicing doctor be able to work in Japan, anywhere in Japan. I've heard it is very difficult but not impossible. Let's say that I've completed necessary education to become a doctor in the US and have obtained N1 level Japanese proficiency. (Planning to finish all education at home before moving)

So, if I want to live in Japan and work there as a doctor, what should I do? I've heard that there is a test that you would need to take in order to qualify to work as a doctor in Japan, I'm not 100% sure on this. Specifically, what visa do I need in order to work there? How should I go about finding a job?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I’m not a doctor and have no experience in finding a job as doctor. But l can tell you this:

There are many kinds of visa you can get. But many of them have a limited time of stay. Mostly a year. In that case it is hard to find a job cause they will not accept someone because the person had to leave after one year.

Another option is becoming resident, like me. But to do that, you need relatives living here. Or get married with a Japanese person. Anyway. If you look for this information, your best option is contacting your embassy in Japan.

Next thing is finding a hospital. I suppose it is no use to visit a normal job office for this kind of job, so you better go to a hospital, and try to make an appointment to present yourself. Maybe you can contact some medical universities to get information on how finding a job.

But don’t lose courage. I visit the hospital often since l have cancer, and l often hear foreign names of doctors. So they accept them for sure.

Hope this helps a little


This is the HP about Medical Licensing Examination for foreigners in Japan.
Unfortunately, there is no English page.

I am working as a physician in Japan.
The labor environment in the Japanese hospitals is basically bad.
I recommend you working as a doctor in the USA.
The Japanese medical system is very good for patients, but it is bad for doctors.

Thank you.

I believe the interest for a foreigner to work in Japan as a doctor or any other form of work is to experience living in Japan, not about work conditions and salary.

Also, if I were a Japanese, I would be reluctant to see a doctor in Japan if he/she didn't speak fluent Japanese. I can just imagine seeing a doctor in the UK who came from another country and could only speak basic English. Out of curiosity, does that actually happen in the UK or in any other country?

We all know if we just getting licenses for car then we coulden’t Drive right a way if we don’t have any expirence with raider.  So. You should finish your study and work in USA for while and  might opportunity will come to you.

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