How can i get sponsor job in japan as truck driver

Can someone help me get job guys as truck driver and sponsor to get me a job their

You can't get a visa for a job in Japan that a Japanese person can do. You'll need to get a student visa, allowing 20 hours per week work, then you can work as a truck driver, note it won't be easy as you'll likely need to speak Japanese.

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@Cheryl  l want to come to Japan l am a  fast learner l am a  truck driver

@Cheryl l am asking to help me find a way to come to Japan so can learn mechanics


Sorry to be so blunt.

You will find it impossible to get work in Japan. The work you are looking for is done by locals.

You will need to speak the language.

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Thanks to @Osaka house for sharing this information.

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I am from Pakistan I want to come Japan I am 43 years old I don't have any skills but I living before in Hong Kong 10 years experience help  me__pleas

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As mentioned above, it can be quite hard to find a job in Japan if you don't know the language and if the job may be done by a local.....

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I Am from pakistan. I am working in dubai as a manager in a transport company. Having 23 years experience in transportation. Is it possible to get job in japan as HTV driver or transport related job.


I am from Nigeria, I am  a truck driver. Is it possible to get a job in japan as a driver

I am from Nigeria, I am a truck driver. Is it possible to get a job in japan as a driver

Short answer, NO.

Most drivers(driving jobs)are done by locals.


First most of the road signs are written in kanji characters.

Second you have to be fluent in Japanese Because most of them here use Japanese language and don't speak English

Just bcause you drive in your home country doesn't mean you can drive in Japan.Some need to convert their license and also take some courses or exams.