Lung Scar

Hi ,i am adrian from philippines. May i know if i have a chance on working to japan even though i have lung scar. By the way it's not contagious i have a medical certificate from lung center of the philippines. Thank you for your response

Hi adrian! Im mj. I'm also processing for work in Japan but I am worried because of my lung scar. By any chance, were you able to go to/work in Japan despite the lung scar? If yes, can you please tell me the processes? What to expect and do's and don'ts. Hoping for a reply. Thank you and God Bless!

Hi i didn't continue my pursue to japan. I wasn't able to pass the their medical because of just a small scar in my lungs which is very unacceptable. But thanks god he open another path for me. I work in qatar last 2018 then currenlty im in uae right now. sorry but you can approach me in instagram if you have questions my instagram account(***), seems my email has problem loggin in here. thank you godbless

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