OK this is how its starts.... am 19 male and i got no job i live wit my sister and i gotta get out of this country and move on.... Now i know there will be a million and one jobs going in Tokyo for a British lad like myself and all i need to know is where do i start on getting my ass over there and finding my first job also a place to live... If anyone has any idea on how i can get a job from the uk and then move over there to it... or mabe some kinda educational course.... as i said anything....

go for a working holiday visa


2) As a foreigner you need a college degree of some kind to get a job.

3) A "cheap" apartment in any part of Tokyo metro would be at LEAST $600 USD for a small one room place.  You're probably looking at something more around $800-900 USD.

4) The only common jobs for foreigners are English teaching jobs.  Otherwise you'll have to be really lucky to find any other job, and probably need to have some pretty good Japanese to go along with it.

5) You'll also probably need to find a job before coming to Japan, as getting a work VISA can take around 3 months or more, and the usual tourist VISA is only good for three months.  A work holiday VISA is great, if you can find someone to take you for a short period.  Usually places are looking for someone to stay for a year long contract.

As someone living in Japan I can tell you that its tough for a foreigner to find a decent job, and that Tokyo is a very expensive city to live in.  Save up money and study abroad as a study, then see if you like Japan.