Hi everybody !!

I am Romain. I come from France. Currently, I am working in a Research Laboratory. It is in the biomedical domain.
I am engineer in Electronics and Computer Engineering. More precisely about my job, I developp softwares or other tools to make easier the diagnostics of doctors. My contract will finish at the end of October 2011. I learnt a lot of things thanks to this experience of work in this Laboratory and I am really glad of it, but I decided to change because I really want to evoluate, working abroad, discovering new ways of working. It would open more my mind !!

According to my domain (Information Technology, Computer Engineering), I really wish to work during a long time in Japan. Japan is well known to be the country of Electronics :). By talking to different persons who already went to Japan, I realize also there are so much things to learn about this country that I would never stop learning there !!! Whether at work or simply in the streets :) That's I really want to live !!!

So, I am seeking for a Job in Tokyo and, of course, it is not easy at all. Moreover, I heared it would be easier just by contacts. That's why, I am coming here to know if there is somebody who could help me to realise my dream !!!

If you wish, I can obviously give you my resume.

Have a good day !

Hello Romain35 and welcome to!

Thanks for your introduction.

I hope that other members will advise you soon.

You should also post an advert in Tokyo classifieds > Jobs section.

All the best,

Thanks a lot Harmonie !!!
Following your advice, I will post an advert in the Jobs Section.
Actually, I didn't see it :)

Thank you,