Work Visa and the Sponsor


I am in a bit of problem here.
I had  an offer from a software company located in Tokyo and I completed the immigration processes.
Its a full time job and its not contractual. Last week I got my Visa too.
Recently another software company approached me and made a better offer.

My questions are:
1. If I accept the second offer, Will I have to go through the application process again?
2. Does leaving my current offer invalidate my work visa?

Please help!!!!

Have you thought to ask immigration?

Typically, if a person has been working (you haven't from what I gather), they can just quit the job and start working with the new company under the same work visa (assuming the new company wants you to do the same kind of work that the visa permits).

Yours is not a typical situation. You want to bail out even before you start work. If that's the case, your other employer must file for your visa with your information, which means the other visa is canceled. But verify this with immigration.

Either way, it looks pretty bad to the other employer, and it may have repercussions on other foreigners who want to work for him. Can't you just give it a chance for a while, then transfer over?

Thank you @Glenski .

I have settled this problem. The Company looks okay. Thanks for you reply.

once you broke the laboral or commerce & trade with a company, your process at immigration shall be stopped; you shall transfer your work permit to the new employer, leave the country 'cause your current visa gonna be cancel, and apply overseas once again. After finish a business with a company abroad, your immigration status also ends at same time, a new day a process to handle on.

Good luck, before decide, consult a good immigration lawyer.