The networking etiquette in Riyadh

Networking etiquette Riyadh
Updated 2019-05-21 13:04

Regardless of the dress code and casual discussion, there are as yet implicit codes of networking to abide by so as to make a good impression and avoid insulting others, even though they will rarely tell you about it. Here are some tips.

Express your name obviously

The hardest thing while networking is to recollect individuals' names. Try not to make that effectively troublesome errand harder for the general population you are meeting. Express your name gradually and plainly and try to do the same in their case. Also, avoid mispronouncing their names as it can be considered an insult. Give them a little and fascinating snippet of data about you to run with your name so they can without much of a stretch remember it.

Continuously stand while being presented

On the off chance that you are taking a seat when somebody presents you. Especially avoid having your feet pointed at someone as it is considered a sign of disrespect. Show regard and get up from the seat or table. Try not to slump. Present yourself in a solid and secure way so you establish a positive first connection with your Saudi or foreign counterparts.

It's not pleasant to point

Watch your hands when you are addressing individuals. Pointing and over-gesticulating can make individuals awkward, especially on the off chance that you attack their own space. Know about the moves you make with your body and the closeness of theirs, especially since Saudis are conservative people.

Watch your language

The world has turned out to be progressively easygoing about swearing, but keep in mind that this is not the case in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, even around people of foreign origin, you should use an acceptable language. Avoid hurting the Saudis' sensibilities.

Keep your accounts clean

Without a doubt, you may get a fast snicker with potty silliness. In any case, don't mistake their chuckling for acknowledgement. You may positively finish up as the individual they need to spend time, but don't be astonished when you are ignored for the agreement since they don't need you around their workers and family.


In most countries, a strong handshake with eye-to-eye connection is as yet the best possible welcome, but in a city like Riyadh, it's far from being the case. While it's alright to handshake with men, avoid getting close to Arab women unless Western women themselves come up to shake hands with you. In any case, spare the high-fives and clench hand knocks for easygoing correspondence and brandishing exercises.

Try not to interfere

At the point when the discussion gets moving, so does your inward voice. What's more, more often than not it's loaded up with every one of the things you are planning to pitch. Try not to give your mouth a chance to take need over your ears. Give other individuals a chance to complete their considerations totally so you don't seem discourteous. Also, their inward personality will calm while you convey something significant.

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