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If Jubail is where you intend to settle, then read below to get a better understanding of what to expect when searching for accommodation in the city.

Jubail is Saudi Arabia’s industrial hub; in fact, it’s the biggest industrial city in the Middle East. Jubail attracts a large number of expats that are employed in various sectors. A city largely composed of petrochemical companies, factories, and refineries, Jubail is where many expats decide to settle for work.

Jubail is a beautiful, scenic city. Despite all the industries located there, they have developed many pristine residential areas. The companies in the region have vested interests in creating and maintaining well-kept residential areas. Thus you will find many compounds and areas that were developed for a single employer and house the employees and their families.

The city is located on the Eastern Coast of Saudi Arabia, with amazing white sand beaches. The locals tend to be very conservative and stay away from major attractions like the beach. Expats have found that with fewer visitors to the beach, the calming and less populated area makes for a beautiful escape.

With the influx of foreign expats in the region, it attracted many international retailers and restaurants within the region. You will now find malls with familiar brands and a lot of fast food chains.

Keep in mind that Jubail is used to expats from the West, which prefers compound-style living arrangements. It isn’t until recently with the emerging retail sector and merchants that rental properties became common.

Types of accommodation in Jubail

You’ll find in Jubail:

  • Many Western-style compounds
  • Apartments for Rent
  • Limited Private Villa Rentals
  • Shared Accommodations (Males Only)

Rent prices

Rental Market prices vary and fluctuate with the demand. Location and size are two factors that play a part in pricing.

  • 1-Bedroom (kitchen, bedroom, washroom,) - 12, 000- 17,000 SAR/per year
  • Compounds range from 40,000 SAR to 120,000SAR/ year

 Good to know:

Rental prices of accommodations in compounds used to be highly priced. However, with the decline of expats in the last few years and the shift in economy, compounds was one of the hardest hit sectors. Many places are willing to negotiate and are offering discounted prices.

Search for accommodation

Jubail is a city where there is always somebody is looking for a place to live. The city is buzzing with foreign expats from around the world that have come to work amongst one of the many industries found here.

Don’t shy away from asking your prospective employer to secure your accommodation before you arrive. If that is not an option they should at least be able to offer you a few choices to help you navigate.

Almost all the compounds in the city have websites showcasing their properties. Below you will find a list of some of the most widely used real estate sites in the region. Browse the Internet for vacancies and/or for general information about districts to settle in.

A key tool is to use forums and start discussions regarding what you’re looking for and speak to seasoned expats that are living in the region and/or used to reside in Jubail. A wealth of information can come from expats, detailing the living and working experiences gained in the region.

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