Accommodation/Housing in Haradh or near it


Me and my husband will moving to HARADH KSA, can someone sugger me some compounds for expat people or near to haradh, also some informations about this village or city (restaurant, coffe, can i find expat people here... )



HARADH is small village near Al-Hasa city you will be able to found many compounds shopping centers in Al hasa city (1.5hrs drive)..

With no problems you will found many expats specially Indian , Pakistani and European families working in Oil plant

for shopping you may need to travel Al-hasa
Weather will be cold in this area these days


Thanks  for your reply, can i found many componds in haradh or i should to move to Al hasa?

i think you may need to move Al-Hasa for better options .. in haradh company accommodations  or private buildings available to rent which are also safe

Thank you so  much

I am living in Al Khobar with my family. My new assignment is in Al Harad but from no where I am able to find information about accommodation in Haradh or near Haradh. Hofuf or Al hasa are far from Haradh for doing daily up and down.
Can you advise me best possible options?

Practically, in main Haradh itself, the only real compound like accommodation is in NADEC city which is only for NADEC employees.

Outside of that, you are going to have to go to Al Hasa or Hofuf.  Or rent non compound like accommodation in Haradh itself which is not recommended for expats.

My husband have to move from jeddah towards Dammam, in haradh
May I know how about the accommodation for family in haradh
Please help me because we are planning to visit haradh in our vacation on April to may
IN shaa Allah

Welcome my friend,
I am living in Al-Hasa city, so better you move here you can find lot's of malls, historical places, parks, beach, restaurants, coffee shops and much more. HARDH is not that far from here. And you can find here mostly people are friendly and have good manners to warm welcome.
You can inbox me for more to know about this place.
Nice to see someone near me.

I agree.  Unless you work for NADEC in Haradh, there isn't much family accommodation there.   So definitely better to stay in Al-Hasa and commute.

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