Nesma Roots Compound Jubail

Hello All,
Going for my 2nd month in Jubail.
So looks like my choice for value vs price is best for Nesma Roots.
Give  a shout if you have any info about the people and the compound.

Hi there.. my husband and I are moving to Jubail in following months.
Our current concern is finding decent accomodation for a couple with a 5 years old boy. Some friends are told us about Nesma Root Compound. What do you know about it? Do you live there?

Take a look at Dareen Marina. I was over there last week. It looks really nice, but it hasn't been completed yet, although most of the buildings have been built. It's supposed to open some time in 2019, so that might be an option.

After trying on and off-compound, I prefer off. I don't like cramped housing, and I find KSA safer than any other place I've been to.

Take a look at the pictures in this webpage toward the bottom: