I am looking for some advice on housing in Jubail as I start a new job there in Nov
I get an allowance from my company but I'm not sure weather to move into a compound or a private flat?
For the first 6 months I will be alone and then my wife and teenage son are planning to relocate from the uk.
I would love to hear some advice from people already leaving in Jubail and there experience/recommendations

Many Thanks Adam

It is better for a western expat to live in compound becuse it's where they can live comfortably. Private housing is not good idea for western expat.

I am new to ksa, houses and furniting is a significant problem, I am still looking for a campus but not sure where I can find agencies, not bothered about commuting as long as it is within 1 to 1.5 hour from my work.
thank you

Depending upon your budget

1- Murjan compound
2- Ventura compound
3- Saken compound
4- bajrai garden
5- Jude
6- Nesma
7- Reem

All of above have bachelor accommodation too, start with that and if you like it then strike a better deal.

I am sure there will be good compounds but I am also searching

Thank you very much

Hey AJC1978, welcome to Jubail!

Compounds are indeed a good option to consider but having been here for almost 5 years living in a non-compound residential proved it is not really required. The more important thing is to establish your social circle with the people you are comfortable with.

I got myself a place in Royal Commission area and travels around to meet my friends. Some weekends I will be in Bahrain or Dubai. So far it worked OK.

Thanks for your reply
How much is a 2bed property within the royal commission area roughly?

I've rented a fully furnished 1 bed, 2 halls, 2 baths for SAR 25k per year in 2014 - 2016. A friend got an unfurnished 2 beds, 2 halls, 2 baths for 35k per year in 2016.

I can text the contact for the real estate agent I've used in the past if you need it.

Yes please that would be great
Many Thanks

I am planning to relocate to Jubail, could you please help me out with some information on the housing options in jubail

I am getting an allowance from my company but it seems it wouldnt be enough to live in a compound.

What are the other nice options in Jubail.

And the price range for high end one bedroom?

Thanks for your help

Don't worry, rent has been decreased a lot in city. It's very easy to find a home in city. But royal commission is expensive

Near jubail mall near jabal street you can find corner building
Flats about seven floors

Sea view appartment it's good flats

Yearly rent under 30000 for three bedroom flats

Ok I have a look Thank you

Brother kindly send real estate agent number I am also in search of apartment.

I'm a Saudi local if you need any help to rent a place in the royal commission will be happy to help you
about your son make sure your company covers the school's fees  . it's very high for international schools

Can anyone help with details about 1 bed room for rent in compound @ Jeddah


Hello, I am currently around Fanateer, I'm looking for a apartment around here. Is it possible to get the contact of an agent or something?
I'll really appreciate your help as regards securing an apartment around Royal commission.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.


Pls send the details. Thank you

Hi all,
This is my first post and all help is really appreciated.
I am soon to agree with a new employer to join them in Jubail ..
Can someone assist which is the best / modern western compound and cost for a 1-2 bed apartment..

Again - thanks all in advance