Al Jude 2 compound

Hi first post so a bit of info first. I have been offered a job with Sadara in Jubail. I have accepted subject to the standard things like medical etc so expect to be travelling over early next year. Been told I will be provided with accommodation in Al Jude 2 compound but can't find any info on it on the internet.
What I want to know is first of all is this compound built already or is it being built now? Then any details about the compound, size facilities etc. Moving with my family so will get a 3 bedroom house I have been told.

Hello Stu.
I am also being offered by Sadara, still waiting for visa stamping.Bit different package from you but expected to start Dec this year.Probably we can share information later on.

Thanks for the reply Joe. Yes would be good to share any information. What job are you going to? I have been offered a job as a mechanical trainer.

Mine as NDT Technologist

as far as google search goes, I can only find Al Jude Village Compound. Nothing about a second one or number '2'

In any case, here is the website for Al Jude what I could find.
If you are staying there it is only about 1.5km along the road from my compound.

If you are here before mid Jan 2014 then maybe we can meet up

Doubt I will be there before March but if I am will be in touch. If you are there now could you ask around and see if anyone has heard anything about Al Jude 2 please?

I'll have a go at asking my colleagues.
I've only been here little over a month myself

hey guys, i am staying in al jude compound,it is a wery nice place nothing to worry about.

Thanks for the reply but its Al Jude 2 I am asking about. Do you know anything about the new compound?


My other half is just going though the visa process for Sadara in Jubail too. He's accepted a job as Console Operator, and has been given a preliminary end of Jan 2014 start date. Stu, I was just wondering at what point you are taking your family out with you? We don't have kids, so it'll just be the two of us and two cats!

We have been told we will be given accommodation in Al Jude 2 also, but that's all we know!! James has been told that they will all be doing training at a different plant somewhere else in the world for first few months, and so it looks like I will be going to Saudi about 6 months later. :-(

Sorry for detouring a little bit from Al Jude 2, @Stu13.

@mariusbike - I am considering a move to Al Jude from RC maybe in Feb 2013, what is it like there? Any personal tips with regards to choosing the different units there? I will be seeing the management rep for a tour sometimes next week.

l judh village +9663641676
Pearl village +9663623200
gold sun +9663640736
al ventura village +966-3-364-1905 / 364-0489
Murjan Village +966(3)3477777 (expansive  )
You can call them  i will retry again on other compound 
you can Contact me   .

@Sarahp21 wife and kids will move over approx. 4 to 6 weeks after myself if all goes to plan. People on the process side will do training on Dow plants first between 3 and 6 months depending on the plant. I am going as a Mechanical trainer so going straight out to the site.

Thanks for your reply Stuart. I see, I wondered if some people were going to be posted straight on plant - answers that question!

Please let us know on here how you find Al Jude 2 when you get there, I'd be really interested to know how you and your family find it. :)

Thanks! Sarah

Hey everyone

We are also moving to Al Jude 2 with sadara. Well once it's built. Due to be finished in 2015 apparently and sadara are finding us other compounds to stay on until then! Hope this helps

It seems Sadara/Fircroft tell different stories to each person. I know for a fact that people should have started to move in around July last year but there are issues with the new accomodation. Will affect some more that others as a lot of people are going to existing Dow plants for training whilst some like myself are going direct to KSA.

From what I understand Al Jude 2 will be used among others to temporarily house us all when we arrive until the Sadara complex is finished in 2015.

Luckily you! As for Saudi staffs the accommodation not provided from sadara. Beside I'm a single girl, it's hard to find a place for female only ! I'm still looking for girls can share apartment rent with.

They start moving some employees to Jubail hopefully by the end of this year, all of us will be in Jubail :)

Good luck

My partner is going through the process at the moment, he has been offered a job as maintenance trainer.
How are you finding it over there ?

Not over there yet, two weeks to go :-)

Hi good day
I'm shifting next month to jubail as my husband is staying in dammam in an hotel.just want to know some indian compounds as I m having 2 years old daughter.kindly let me know some good compounds ranging around 2000 sar per month.kindly reply early as I have to confrm ASAP.thanks in advance.

anyone can help with the cost of 2 bedrooms flat not furnished there???

Needs Arabic/ English teacher ?
I am ready to give lessons for kids,  ladies, family and group of families, in Jubail.


Hi stu,
I also have been offered position with same company as you through fair croft
There  seem to be a lot if positions open is this because a lot of ppl are leaving
Can you tell me more about the company and the working conditions and have you found it easy to re- locate your kids in schools we used live in KSA Dammam 7 years ago you can PM me if you don't want it to be seen in the forum I'm in qatar at the moment and dont really want  leave a good job if this company isn't great to work for ...
I also am TTrainer .... We are british cheers stu
Great hear from you

For anyone still interested in Al Jude 2, here are some links I posted about in on another thread:

Al Jude info

No company website for it like there is for Al Jude Village Compound, so take it with a grain of salt, as they say...