We're searching for a house on a nice compound.

Hello everybody,

Finally, we know that my husband is going to be working in KSA. We will probable move this summer to Jubail. But as the internet is my best friend at the moment, I find it hard to find the compounds in Jubail.
I saw some topics about compounds and housing, but still I only found a few websites.
From one of the compounds I've emailed I got an answer that the rent is around 185,000 SAR a year. That's almost €35.000. Is that normal or is the Bajrai Garden Village an expensive compound?!
Who can give me some information about compounds in Jubail, prefferable with a website. And what does it coust to rent a family house.

Thanks a lot and greetings Orchidee.

Already 43 people watched this subject and nobody replied. Are you not living in Jubail?

Can't anybody give me some information. We need to let the company know this week what we're going to do. And the possibilities and cousts for housing are crusial for our desision.

Thanks for any information.

Greetings Orchidee

Welcome  to  jubail can you give chance to help you  , I will do my best

Al judh village +9663641676
Pearl village +9663623200
gold sun +9663640736
al ventura village +966-3-364-1905 / 364-0489
Murjan Village +966(3)3477777 (expansive  )
You can call them  i will retry again on other compound 
you can Contact me   .   my email [email protected]

@k_0025 Thanks a lot for this information. I'm going to contact them asap.
Thanks again.
Greetings Orchidee

Hi Orchidee!

Maybe you could try to post an advert in Jubail classifieds under Accommodation> Houses for rent!

Good luck

3 bedroom aprtment rent in jubail is 30000 Saudi riyals per year.

Welcome  am on jubail for helping foreigner people
Email [email protected]

Try Ventura Compound. I understand they are renovating a few old single families. I have heard it's one of the "greener" compound in Jubail.
Good luck!

I am sorry it maybe to late to help. It took me 3 months to find a good place to live. the best one is the Zamil "Al Murjan Village" but is too too expansive and it booked until 2015. And the next good one it's Bajrai Garden Village and yes this is correct price for this town and I have been moved here for last 6 months and love it. If you need my help to find a villa for you and your husband, please let me know.

I would highly recommend Murjan Village to anyone coming to Jubail.  However, it is pricey and there will be no availability until 2014 or 2015.  Bajrai Garden Village is OK (moderated: no defamatory post) You are better off bringing your own furnishings or just buying NEW when you arrive, as we have done.

Internet services are also poor and pricey.  For what you get it's actually overpriced, BUT compounds are limited in Jubail.  Al-Jude and Al-Ventura are poorly rated properties.  They are also old and badly in need of renovation, and I believe Al-Ventura's housing is mobile homes.

I will also add that my husband and I have been on BGV for 7 years and if there were something else available, we would definitely move!  Patiently waiting for something to open up at Murjan Village!!

I will suggest you to take  full villa or half in Royal Comission Area its cheaper then compounds with good atmosphere .

hi orchidee

i'm in the same position as you... looking for a villa for my family and I who are moving from singapore.  I was not impressed by what is on offer [Moderated].  sadly, i can reconfirm al marjan is fully booked but it is out of my budget at sar 90k.  good luck and please keep us posted on how your search progresses.  Good luck!!

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hey frazzla i think you can find in green hills compound in jubail near international indian school 90000 in per month

you can find it in green hills compound just beside indian school

you can also send me email if you want to see

please have you guys heard about index residence at al jubail. please if yes give me the feedback