Nesma compound in Jubail?

Is there any one in the forum who is familiar with the Nesma compound in Jubail? Is it a safe compound, are there many facilities, are there a lot of families and children over there? We may be moving there and I am hoping that it's a good compound... really hoping for some feedback. Thanks!

Give me a few days and I'll let you know.

Am currently on holiday but will return to Jubail on Friday.  Many of my colleagues are long-term expats in Jubail and I should be able to get the info you require.

Thanks so much, MisterStretch... and enjoy the remaining days of your holiday! :)

I need to know which compound you're talking about, there are two Nesma compounds.  One is near the Naval Base, not far from the water...and the other one seems to be out in the middle of nowhere, judging by the Google Earth pictures I saw.

The first abuts the compound I live in.  I know of Brit Muslims that have lived there in the past with their families, from my side of the fence it's hard to tell, but the compound looks reasonably clean, though not extravagant in its appointments.

All Western compounds have armed guards on the approaches (don't read too much into this, it's standard procedure in the KSA) and there are two armed points from the main road to the compound entrances.

As for if it's a good place for you...I guess it depends on what you are used to.  I have lived for many years in the developing world and find my own compound rather luxurious (compared to that) but others from developed countries might find it sparse.

Don't know if I have helped any.  If it's any consolation the location I am in is fairly convenient for shopping and close to the highway which goes to Dammam...where the good shopping is.

Thanks MisterStretch for the info, I really appreciate it. I am not sure which Nesma compound we will probably be staying in; now that I know that there are two, I'll try to get more info on that.

The armed guard issue does freak me out a little bit, but if it's standard procedure then I'll have it! :) The move to KSA will be daunting but reading thru the forums is giving me a lot of insight into the country, and it doesn't sound as bad as many people make it out to be.

Well, next step is the move, so wish me luck, and I hope to be able to meet some of you guys soon!

If you are coming to Jubail...then we can get together...maybe have a little bbq by the pool after you arrive.

What does your husband do...and how many kids do you have?

Don't let the armed guard thing freak you.  It actually gives a bit of peace of mind after you get used to it.

Good luck...

Many things in KSA are for appearance sake, belis.  You'll find that out when you get here.

Don't worry about armed guards--they're here to protect you, anyway :)

Sounds like a plan, Misterstretch! Would love to meet some people over at Jubail!

My husband is an engineer and we have a 6-month old girl. I am quite nervous about the waiting time for the issuing of family visas though. When we were sent to Qatar I was stuck in Paris waiting for the family visa for 3 whole months. It was fine then because I was alone, but now with a kid I think I'll lose my mind if I have to be alone with her for 3 whole months without any help from my husband! :)

I guess it depends on the company's sponsorship delays...

Anyway, will keep you posted and hope to meet up soon!

Hi alliecat, am curious to find out what are only for appearance's sake there in SA. I admit my curiosity it piqued ;)

A little more information, belisha...the compound you will more than likely be placed at is right next to the BAE compound...good security on the approaches there.  There will be Europeans on the compound and in the area, as probably not as lonely or desolate as you might have imagined.

it is a nice place, I am sure you will like it.

thanks happyexpat and misterstretch!

What are the things to do around Jubail, btw? Are there malls around the area or should I go to Dammam or Khobar for those kinds of things?

Also, in Qatar we would always go to hotels for brunch. I read that there is only one hotel in Jubail (Intercon if I'm not mistaken). Are there buffets in the hotel, and can women go swimming in the hotel pool?

Or can women only swim in the privacy of their compound's facilities?

Jubail is much more fundamental than Dammam, so you will feel a bit more free in Dammam, though you still have to wear an abaya (but don't have to cover your head, as you're a foreigner).

There are several nice hotels in Dammam that offer weekend brunches.

As for swimming in a hotel pool...haven't a clue.  I don't stay in hotels, but swim in my compound.  I do know that if you choose to swim on a public beach, you will be expected to be fully covered.

There are some private beaches (hotels or clubs) where this is not enforced.

Hi guys, May anyone provide me with the compound telephone number please?


Hello belishabeacon,

Have you had the chance to find a good compound in Jubail? As I am going to move in within few months and I am looking for good one too. Please send me more detail such as phone number or website?

Hi Regards and Chicago USA, I've sent you a PM, check your inboxes. :)

Hi there belishabeacon, I just got to Jubail and I am trying to find an accommodation around the compounds for single (or maybe two person) occupancy. Would the compounds you mention cater for that? Or are they designed to better suit families? I hope to get a place where social activities/interactions with communities are encouraged. Thank you in advance!

@modjo - this is an old thread. I suggest you to start a new topic on the Jubail forum. Thank you

@Christine - thanks for pointing that out, I was not looking at the dates when I went through the forum last night. Cheers.

It's in a good location right near the back street souks which are vibrant colourful places that give the town character - as opposed to that clinical soulless blob of a Jubail Mall!! Nesma (as opposed to Nesma Roots) is right by the commercial port.

Anyone living in nesma compound?