Seeking bachelor accomodations in compound.

I need information on affordable bachelor accommodations, in and around, Jubail. On compound catering, laundry services all inclusive are what I seek. Safety security and cleanliness a must, I would appreciate some assistance here.

Hey bigguy, welcome to Jubail! I would recommend to you Alventura compound. However, it is always over crowded and it's a little bit hard to get a room. Here is their website

Hi BigguyQCCO,

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Please post your advert in the Housing in Jubail section, with details about what you are looking for might be helpful. Thank you! :)



Expat-blog team.

               Gentlemen I appreciate your rapid response, i contacted Alventura concerning a tour. Its well worth my time to check this out. Do you have an idea on pricing for Alventura?? Also David I will post my needs to the wanted housing classifieds.

Thanks again.

@BigguyQCCO - This is what I have:

Al Jude SAR 55,650 per year 1BR - contact [email protected]
Bajrai Garden Village SAR 180,000 per year 1BR - contact [email protected]

Have fun house-hunting!