Jubail's Compound in KSA

Would anyone please assist me with name of compounds in Jubail? As we are planning to move-in by end of this year; also we preferred a newly modern villa, safe and private.

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Welcome to Expat.com, Chicago USA ;)

Hope some members in Jubail will be able to inform you very soon.

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Thank you and I am sure someone will help us out.


Hi Chicago USA, I don't know of any other compound except the one I live in unfortunately (it's been 2 months I've been here). MisterStretch, who recently left Jubail, should probably be more enlightened about the subject. He gave me a lot of info about Jubail while I was doing my research in Paris.

As for me, I'm in the Nesma compound and it's safe and private, but not modern at all. The houses are all prefabricated but are liveable. The compound has a grocery store, swimming pools, tennis and squash courts, playground for kids, pool and table tennis, etc. If you're moving with your wife and kids there are a lot of mums/children who are here, so your wife wouldn't feel so lonely or cut off from the rest of the world. It's a 25 minute drive to the local malls and Corniche, and an hour away from Khobar/Dammam. I've PM'd you some contact details.

Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.

Dear belishabeacon

Thank you very much for the information's, definitely if I have any other questions I will come to you.

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How much is the rent for your home in the compound??Me also movind to Al jubail in jan 01.


I have been looking for housing for more than month and it's a nightmare, it's all of them booked until 2015 and it is too expensive.

Please let me know your budget and I will send you a name and number where you can contact them to fit yours.

I am still looking and I am in awaiting list in two compounds

Good luck

Chicago, did you get around to contacting Nesma? I think there will be some vacant houses in the coming months, unless of course there is already a waiting list...

I googled around and here are some names of compounds here in Jubail:
Red Sea
Garden Village
Golden Sands
Greenhill Village

(these compound list was dated in 2008 though, so it may have changed)

Also, this link (http://wikimapia.org/1421218/Golden-Sands-Compound) shows a photo of Jubail and highlights the different compounds. Use the zoom buttons to move around the map. Hope this helps!

Look for the Murjan Village, at the RC residental area and has a lovely beach. I visited several times and enjoyed the beach.

My budget is max 4000 SAR per month.

So Chicago any idea?


Welcome to Expat.com and Jubail Chicago US. Sorry, I don't have any idea about it. I am from Riyadh.
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Dear Mat0992003

Please visit the below link it is around your budget

Also I will send you all the names of compound by tomorrow.

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Hello Belishabeacon,

Yes, I did contact Nesma and I am still shopping for more options as you may know it's all of them are one year contract and you need to make sure that you live in the safe and healthy place. I will keep you posted.

Again, thank you for checking on me

Can someone tell me if 130,000 SAR a year is adequate for housing in a nice compound in Jubail? We are needing a 4 bedroom villa in secure compound...

Hi, its a reasonable amount and though I am living in a compound provided by the Company and can't help you with an exact amount, I believe, from what I have heard, that you can easily get accomodation with this budget. The only problem might be the availability. The list of compounds has already been provided in the thread above.

I shall move to jubail in end JAN 2012.. can anybody help me regarding accommodation and transport. My site is at Al-Jalamid.