Compound in royal commission area

Hi all,

Could someone please tell me the name and contact details of the compound in royal commission area near the Fanteer mall


Al judh village +9663641676
Pearl village +9663623200
gold sun +9663640736
al ventura village +966-3-364-1905 / 364-0489
Murjan Village +966(3)3477777 (expansive  )

Hi all,

Only Murjan Village is inth eRC area. All other compounds mentioned are in Jubail City.
There are long term residences as part of the Karan Hotel Complex that is next to Fanateer Mall. I do not believe there are any residential compounds next to the Fanateer Mall.


Hello Roopster,
Thank you for adding your details to the other Housing Survey thread!  Since you are in Jubail, what do you recommend for a temporary stay for a month or two or till I find housing. I will be coming alone, try to find good housing, and then bring my family. Their visa and documents will take some time anyway after my initial arrival. 

Is this Karan hotel extended housing good?  Any idea about their rents per month?

Or would you recommend some other places?  Thanks for any comments.

Hi ExpatPro,

Temporary stay for a month or two or three (sorry, but papers for family are always a curve ball to say the least, unless your employers govt. relations staff are exceptional OR you are joing an organisation in a VP or director level position).

Karan hotel extended housing is very good and also have families living there long term. Tehs residences are for long term stay (annual contracts) and not for temporary stay.
For temporary stay, I would recommend Rezayat Compound. They do have units for singles coming in for short periods. Good facilities, good restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Units are like upmarket motel rooms, but much larger, serviced regularly.
Rents at Rezayat currently run at SR 200 per day, but monhtly figures will be a lot less than that. I will ask and update this post if I get a feedback quickly.

Mortco Executive Housing also provides for short term as well as long term housing for bachelors adn family's. Mortco is probably a step down from Rezayat in some aspects and a step up in others. Rates would be similar. Again, if I get any quick feedback from my contacts, will update this post.


Thanks for the info.  I will look forward for your update.

Can you provide a local land mark where these places are located.  I searched in Google maps, and found Rezayat Plaza.  Is this it?

I noticed you live in CCC compound by Bajrai garden and your kids go to ISG Jubail in Lulu district (referring Wikimapia).  How long of a commute is it?  I have heard they don't provide school bus outside Royal Commission area. 

That expressway might be relatively safe, but I am a bit concerned after that accident involving Al-Hussan school bus recently.
Do you have any recommendations in the Fanateer or Huwailat areas?  Thanks again.

Hi ExpatPro,

Updated info as follows;
Both Rezayat and Mortco rates are SR 200 per day. They did not have a monthly rate but were willing to discuss a reduced daily rate based on length of stay (if over a month.)
Mortco is now charging SAR 75,000 per annum for its 2 bedroom units.

Rezayat is in the same vicinity as CCC, Bajrai, Mortco, etc. GPS coordinates off Google earth are 26 deg 58' 22.35" N, 49 deg 39' 02.72" E

You are correct in that no transport for the kids in ISG from outside RC area. They do provide transport for staff who live outside RC area though. Most of the compounds have their own transport for school though. The commute is approx. 25 - 30 minutes.

In the Fanateer or Huwaylat area, I am not aware of any short term residences. (I have been here in Jubail for 18 years, but I am sure my knowledge is not 100%). Those areas tend to have long term housing (no compounds though, unless you are coming in to work for Chevron, who have a enclosed an existing residential area in Fanateer and converted into a compound). I will recheck again with our housing guys who would have more up to date info on Karan Hotel and also on Naba Suites (right next to the Fanateer Mall). I am told that both are usually full. Approx. when are you expecting to arrive?


Hi Roopster,
I will be coming to Jubail in Mar 2014 need a place right away.
I want to reside in the RC areas that have quick access to Road 100.
Are 1BHK apartment or villa available in these areas? How much am I looking at?
Can I get a contact for these apts., like a real estate agent or broker's office email id or phone number?


Would anymore know the compound where shell employees are located?
And what facilities are there?



I will go to Al Jubail in 2015 January and i´m looking one apartment for rent, in the first time 3 month but is possible 6 month, I will go to work in a company in this area and I´m thinking about rent in one compound. In the other hand i will need transport is better rent a car or one driver?

Does anyone know which housing is used for the RC hospital?