Apartments in Jubail Royal Commission

Need an idea about apartments in royal commission area or anywhere near this area even a compound will do
An apartment for between 27000 and 35000 SR per year. any help ?

Al judh village +9663641676
Pearl village +9663623200
gold sun +9663640736
al ventura village +966-3-364-1905 / 364-0489
Murjan Village +966(3)3477777 (expansive  )
You can call them  i will retry again on other compound 
you can Contact me   .   my email ky00025[at]

Hi Zuag,

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Have you already posted an advert in the section housing in Jubail?

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Hi k_0025,

For security reasons, it would be best if you do not leave phone numbers on a private forum.

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