Urgently looking for an apartment in Jubail (Jalmudah/Royal Commission

Greetings everyone    :cheers:

I am new to this site / blog, and would like your input and assistance with regard to accommodation in Jubail.

I'm a South African guy that has been in Saudi for just over a month and a half now, and I am planning on getting my wife and kid here by July of this year (if all goes well). I had been in Riyadh for a short while, but I am now based in Ras al Khair which is around 90kms away from Jubail (hells and gone, I know lol!).

So I'm looking for a furnished apartment in Jubail Industrial (Jalmudah / Royal Commission) but I've been struggling to find anything really good online. Problem is that it's not very easy for me to get to Jubail to check these apartments out so I'm a bit lost to be honest.

I'm looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in the above areas, that is fully furnished and that won't cost me an arm and a leg each month!

Any suggestions, tips or advice will really be appreciated!

Thank you!!!


Hello AhmadK2411,

Welcome to Expat.com!

You may have a look at Housing in Jubail where you can post an ad too with all the specifications you are looking for ;)

Good luck with everything :top:



Hey Misha  :)

I haven't been on the expat-blog in months, apologies for not responding in time  :|

Thanks for the information though!


Try this!


I hope to move into here mid April.

Best regards,

Nigel Godfrey

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Bajrai is quite expensive Nesma compouhttp://www.rightcompound.com/NESMA-VILLAGE-JUBAIL-129nd is lower cost...

Thanks guys. I appreciate the info.


search engine 'Jubail residential compounds' comes up with stuff.

are you still looking ?

Hi there. I'll be looking for a place from September of this year.


You are looking for a place in Ind Jubail in Jalmudah area as per your above preferences. I must say prices dear Ahmed will range from 60,000 to 70,000.

I suggest to find a place through your contractors, or choose another area in Ind Jubail.
If you Jubail down town is an option for you, surely there will be better prices.

Best of luck

Thanks for the info!