Compounds in jubail


Can anyone give me any pointers on Murjan and index compounds in jubail .

Which one is best for westerners ?
And kids ….

Anyone on here living in either of them ?

Many thanks

Hi, did you choose between any of these two compounds?
I am in the exact same predicament…

My husband chose index , because the accommodation was better..
we are here now , but it's very quiet here . 
Houses and facilities are nice , but very quiet . 
Most probably quiet with kids due to summer vacation and of course the weather being so hot at the moment .

Are you in Jubai now ?
Yeah I'm in Jubail now, holed up in a hotel but very keen on Index, noticed it was very quiet when I was there the other day!
My husband was in a hotel for a bit too .  If you want I can pass his details to you in case you want to meet up …?

Myself and our 10 year old son are here until 9 august then we will return to Uk .

Hello everyone my wife would like to come to Jubail and we need an apartment or somewhere for 1-2 months. Index is good place but a little quiet.