Developing your professional network in Milan

Developing your professional network in milan
Updated 2019-05-29 09:32

Creating a professional network in Milan, might be the key to a successful business and job landing. Constant communication can open the doors to the right opportunities and a successful professional path. Here are some tips for getting started.

Professional acceptance is everything in a city like Milan, where people come mainly for career reasons. The business world, even though widespread, can be tricky to handle, especially for newcomers who still struggle with understanding the opportunities that are offered. The Italian bureaucracy and the lack of English opportunities can make this process even more difficult. However, it is possible to find the right amount of opportunities to connect with individuals who share the same interests and to start climbing the corporate ladder.

Professional organisations

Milan has many professional networks that organise meetings among professionals and offer friendly and professional advice and personalised connections. Some network associations like PWN Milan, and Young Women Network are dedicated to providing support and guidance for women in building professional relationships. Other notable associations are MJF Network and Professional Network Milano. Joining the right professional association can be the key to working smart, rather than working hard.


Milan has events all year round, and many of those allow meeting plenty of professionals. To follow these events is relatively easy as they are usually organised in open spaces like BASE Milano or Copernico. Many organisations host thematic events and seminars such as Toastmasters Milano, Meet the Media Guru, Digital Innovation Days, and events organised in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore Business School.

Social media

Social networks make everything easy today. They offer the possibility to find and contact professionals from any industry. They are the best way to directly contact professionals regarding a job opening or employment opportunities. The main social networks are LinkedIn and Monster. However there are some smaller alternatives, like the German Xing (also used in Italy), and Glassdoor. In addition to searching for a job through social networks, visiting an employment agency can help to find the right opportunities, and may have already the contacts of in the human resources departments in any company.

Festivals and fairs

In Milan and the surrounding cities, fairs happen all the time. They can bring many professionals together and give insightful information regarding a company or a product. Besides, they offer possibilities to follow lectures or to even meet some key professionals for the companies. Milan hosts many job fairs during the year, and it is also famous for Rho Fieramilano, where most of the fairs are hosted. Some of the most important fairs in the Italian cities (that can be visited on a day trip) are:

Milan: Tutto Food, Host Milano, Miart, Salone internazionale del mobile , EICMA,
Bologna: Children Book Fair, Cosmofarma Exhibition, Smau, Sana
Parma: Cibus Connect, Salone del Camper
Torino: Salone Internazionale del Libro, Terra Madre Salone del Gusto
Ferrara: Internazionale Festival
Florence: Pitti


All universities in Milan offer opportunities for networking. They have specialised offices and professionals that make career advising and provide the possibility for students to apply for jobs on their university portals. In addition, they organise specialised job fairs in the courtyards and hallways dedicated to members of that university, where all the great companies can visit. Creating a social network during studies is by far the most efficient method for starting a successful career. Many university professors, during their lectures, organise meetings with staff members or company representatives who would gladly discuss opportunities for a future career or research opportunities.

Coworking spaces

There are some beautiful spaces that allow studying or working for those who do it from home. These spaces offer the right working atmosphere, but also moments of social interactions especially interesting for freelance workers. Such are:

Santeria Milano
Da oTTo
Piano C
Open Milano

Developing a good professional network creates efficiency, better knowledge and adaptation to the Italian corporate traditions. Every moment is a possibility to connect that can generate future opportunities.

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