Lost permesso di soggiorno receipt

I applied for a renewal of permesso di soggiorno, and I had my finger printing done last month.
But unfortunately, I lost the receipt which is required while collecting your new permesso di soggiorno.

What should I do now?
Whom should I contact for a new receipt?
or how can I check whether my permesso de soggiorno is read for collection?

Thank you.

Go to the police , file a report , its called "denuncia" here , everything is ok , there is no need for panic , the only problem is that you cant leave the country untill you are issued the new permesso di soggiorno, for the rest just do as i said go the the police , they will give you a letter to present to the immigration office. Good luck.

I applied for a renewal of permesso di soggiorno, and I not yet give my fingerprint.

But unfortunately, I lost the receipt.

What should I do now?


Sorry for your loss, but you can go to the post office and tell them you lost the receipt they will give you another one as they usually keeps some copies.

Hi Endritcaka. I lost my permisso di soggiorno reciept from the post office, before I had made a copy as I do of all my documents. I lost my receipt but took my fingerprints and and went to the office to pick up my permisso as it was ready. I was unable to pick it up as I did not have the original receipt. They gave me a date to make a denuncia. Which is one the 8 of June I however leave back to the US on the 15 of June. Do you know what the process is from making a denuncia. If I will be able to pick up my permiso that day. Sorry for the long message, but Italian beaucracy is very stressful.

Thanks for your time

@Endritcaka i am also lost my premesso di so Soggiornno in rovato brescia , do you have any idea any page for found somthing

@oscarbermudezsa hi! I lost my ricevuta too and i just did the denuncia. Did they give you your permesso with the denuncia? Did you have to do something else?