I had every document necessary for permesso di soggiorno but the officer didn't take them from me and did not include them in the kit. Bıt I received the ricevuta. Can you guide me about what should I do? Can I just submit the at Questura

Hello, we sent a email to the Questura with photocopies of our residency cert with bollo, passport and CDI reguesting the Permisso...Waited a couple of months and received our appointment.Its worth noting the email must be sent via you're PEC email and not a normal email address as this will not work.
Hope that helps.

@Buket Tuncer hello, did you find an answer for this? the same situation happened with me (had all of the documents when I went to the post office to deliver the kit, but the person there didn't take them). Now, when I check the webpage of my application, it says that those documents are missing. My appointment at the questura is in february, do you know what shoul I do? many thanks!

Do you have a receipt from the post office? One for the payment and the one with the username and password on? If you do then just take the papers with you when you have your appointment. Not much happens before then.

The poste italiane when they give you the kit , you only fill the kit , no need to put your documents inside the kit , after you fill the kit they will give you a paper which is mentioned on it ( the date of the appointment) , then in the of your appointment you will take all your documents with yourself and don't forget before you go to the appointment ( go to the CAF ) any CAF in italy , let they write for you letter to immigration office , I this letter you should explain why you couldn't get any credits for example if you had a serious health condition and attach all the medical reports with it , and the letter as I told you  should CAF writing for you in Italian language also .

Usually all papers are turned into the post ioffice with your paid bollo and they take documents and give you instantaneously an appointment with the Questura.

Take your documents to any appointments, just in case. You can also send your scanned documents to your local questura's PEC email (mentioned on their website). Remember that PEC email IDs cannot receive emails from normal email IDs. Ask your local friends to let you use their PEC or go to the poste italiane to have your very own PEC ID made.


Hello Payam

I'm  an International  student in italy , i almost passed as the situation that you have passed through last year , could you please see the message that i have sent it to you on private?

Thank you.