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Everything you need to know to work in Milan
Finding work in Milan
Milan has always been the economic capital of Italy. Renowned for its fashion, design and service industries, particularly banking and finance, it has weathered the global crisis by remaining one of Europe's leading financial and commercial centers. Milan continues investing heavily in finance and consulting and pioneering new sectors such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.
The work culture in Milan
Milan is Italy's city of work par excellence. It was rebuilt after the Second World War to guide the country's economic recovery and has since found its place as the undisputed leader. It is a dynamic and enterprising city where the inhabitants seem to be tireless. The Milanese live a fast-paced life, and the work culture has an important place in their daily lives. And yet, fashion, design and gastronomy still find their place in this hectic life that may seem a little chaotic to some expatriates.
Labor market in Milan
Fashion, design, finance, culture, tourism and many other sectors are the key components of Milan's labor market. This city, rich in possibilities, is dedicated to each of its inhabitants' intellectual and professional development.
Starting a business in Italy
Are you interested in moving to Italy and setting up a business here? Italy's reputation for bureaucracy and structural problems has historically disadvantaged the country, with potential foreign investors and expatriates looking to start a business here. However, in recent years, the system and procedures have been simplified, and many businesses, including start-ups, have emerged.
Working in Italy
Are you looking to move to Italy and find a job there? In this article, we will give you tips for starting your job hunt it Italy, applying for a job, and preparing for the recruitment process. Italy has a particular job market in which it is sometimes difficult to find a place.
Internships in Italy
In most European countries, internships play an essential role in shaping education and giving young people valuable work experience. By moving to Italy, you will have the opportunity to develop your global skills in a country renowned for its arts, fashion, gastronomy, automobiles and technology.
Job candidates in Milan
Production Planner
Maria Laura Mediza Romero
Permanent contract
Added on 29/01/2024
EUR 40000
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