Can anyone help me find some work here

hello so i moved to Milan to be with my wife
i am from the UK and can not speak Italiano very well
can anyone help me  find some work here anything would be great!

Hello Creed456,

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What kind of jobs are you looking for? any ideas? In what sector do you already have experience?

I invite you to read the article: Work in Milan which provides you interesting info on jobs in Milan.

It also gives you a list of websites which may be helpful to you.

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hi thanks for the reply Naomi  i am looking  for any work i'm really not fussy
i was in the British army in the UK  and it don't seem to be so easy to find work in Milan unless you are a banker ect  thank you for you are advice.

Hello I'm geeta from Nepal I'm planning to continue my study in Italy can any body help me that I can get the part time job easily ..

:idontagree: Same .I'm also from Nepal planning to study in Italy and be sure thai I get a part time job there.

What are you studying? What languages do you speak?
You can try to play that card if you can speak fluent English and/or your mother tongue. Without knowing what previous experiences you already had it's hard to say where you could look for a job...

Damarry Damarry msg me *** .Sorry i lost your gmail id.

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Hi im living here in rovereto im searching job if there is some family there need nanny pls message me

Hi Leslie and welcome to the forum.

If you are seeking work please check out the jobs section, top of this page. You can also place your CV there too.

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