Jobs in Milan for English speaking people

Hi there, I'm new here but I have been living in Milan for over a year now.

I was wondering if some of you could give me information about job hunting here.
I'm a student but I need a job in August and September this year, while I have a summer break from school.
Now, I understand just basic Italian (I only have A1 level so far), but I speak fluent English and Icelandic (along with some Danish). But from what I've learned is that it is almost impossible for people like me who don't speak Italian to find jobs here. Is that true? Should I give it a try?

I have various job experiences and I have good knowledge of Graphic Design programs, since that is my major in school. But I have no idea where I can even start to look for a job, so if you have some helpful tips I would be forever grateful.

Any kind of advice is appreciated.

Thank you all so much,
Jenny H.  :)

Hello JennyHuld and welcome to

While waiting for members to help you out, I invite you to drop in an advert in our JOBS in Milan section. This might help increase your chances to find a job.

Kenjee Team

Hi , You can certainly teach english especially -  conversation

call me if you  like we can have a chat ... I am been here in the Milan area for almost 30 years now ...

I am thinking about starting an english school so I would like to talk to you and see if you might be interested in doing this type of work . 

You can also find work in your field of study . It does help if you can learn some italian .

Wishing you all the best

Charles Jones

For such al imited period of time, I can realistically see options only in hotels, or multinational call centers (one in Arese). For hotels you have to deliver your cv directly (suggested), for any other job try the temporary agencies (e.g. Adecco). In the company I'm working with, there sometimes are positions for eng. m. tongue me to have HR contact details...

xxx . if you want looking genova let me , me to i have speaking only english a quite italian thanks

My name is Kiramat I living right now in Genova right now I am jobless so please anyone who needs my service I would be thankful to give me a single chance of work , I am able to teach English , also homemaker and restaurant experience , thanks hope hear from someone soon

Hi, I am a registered Nurse from the Philippines, I am very fluent in English both written and oral, I can speak Italian.
I also have more than 2 years work experience as a call center agent. If you want some English tutoring needs, let me know and I'll help you (kids and adult).

Hi, I've read that you are planning to start an English school, will you be needing tutors for English?


Seems like you have known some agencies company here in Milan. I am currently looking for a job I would like to inquire if you can provide some agencies for me. I appreciate any opportunity you might have for me. By the way, I have good communication skills in english.

Anna Liza

Hi Anna Liza > to whom are you addressing your message? If you are looking for a job, you can try to post an ad in our jobs in Milan section.

Hey my name is ali ahmed I'm understand English full I'm looking job

limon Ahmed wrote:

Hey my name is ali ahmed I'm understand English full I'm looking job

Read the post from Christine above,and post your ad in the jobs in milan section.

Hi. I would like to know more please. I lived for 2 years in England and I would be interested in a jab whre I can use my skill

Italian looks is a must to communicate with people in such work in Italy
U need to practice Italian with people and online as it is the best way

Hello how r u m going to Milan m English speaking I need a job of any kind plz reply me

Hello Rimsha,

I suggest you to look for the jobs offers and to also post your ad in the Jobs in Milan section.

This section can help you in your search for a job.

Thank You,

hii Iam nadeera. iam nurse in srilanka . i like to work in italy.plz contact me

Hiii... I am looking for a job in Milan.. I am an Engineer with experience in security systems..

Hi Moha_86,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Milan section of the website along with your cv so that if an opportunity arises, you may be contacted.

All the best,

I will.. Thank you for the advice :)

Dear Charles

Ar you still looking for English speaking people for your school


Hi, i am living in Milan and i speak good English, as well as other 5 languages including Italian(which i am currently improving, i would be happy to work with you, looking forward for your answer
best regards...


I am currently working full time in 2 different elementary schools , I hope to open a language school in the future. I think this could happen in about 3 years time. We are currently building a new house and I the studio in the house will be set up as an interactive classroom with white board and video support .

I am currently not looking to hire anyone .

thank you for contacting me and I wish you the best in finding employment soon

Hi I will arrive in Novara in April.  I'm currently an ESL teacher online.  Are you looking for teachers or can you tell me about teaching in Italy.   Are there many looking for Native English teachers and what is a reasonable price to charge students in this country.? What are your experiences in the field?   Thankyou in advance for any advice.

Hi i just would like to ask how to apply a call center jobs in arese? do you know someone from HR departmetn where I can forward my resume. I've been in BPO for almost 12 years and currently working as a freelance VA. Any info would help. Thanks

Hi.. if you starting English school please let me know. My husband speak English fluently.. he lived in USA and currently in dubai. Please let me know thankx