Ciao everyone! Where do you find the English speaking jobs?

Hey I'm Jing form north China, been here for two months, still  in the process of looking for jobs.. Or I will have to go back in two weeks..the Visa thing . Is there anyone know that where I can find a job with no Italian requests? I'm learning it, but not as well as a working language.
If you know something about it let me know please, Thanks very much!!

Hello there Jing Li,

Welcome on board  :)

You may read the articles in the Work section of the Living in Italy Guide to get an overview.

In which city are you looking for jobs ?

All the best,

Hi Bhavna thanks for replying to me. I'm in Monza right now, so I would like to stay around here, also Milan is ok.  And I only have two weeks last.. Send too many CV, all of them told me that I need to speak Italian even they didn't right it down. But I'm sure there are a lot of people who can not speak Italian but working with other languages, since Milan is a big city.
Thank you very much!

Re hi JING LI  :)

Hopefully you will get some clues here :

Maybe you could inquire from English schools and send some spontaneous cv.

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you can check out

Dave's ESL cafe on google.

But I think its difficult to find a "on the books" paying job without being an EU citizen.

Good luck!

Are you still in Italy? I have a job for you if you're still in Italy!

Hi Karine1986 > this is an old topic. You should post your job offer in the Milan jobs section. Thank you.

Hi Karine! I see that you are looking to hire! Can you provide me more information? Thanks!

Ciao everyone,
I am a Web & Software developer/Designer.  I am living in Misterbianco (Catania) and I have residence/work permit for Italy.I have been here for two months and still finding job. I can do any kind of job in any city of Italy. I can speak, read and write language English and I am learning(beginner) Italian.
Kindly, inform me if any possibility.

Hey I just got here. I'm an English and Spanish speaker. What's the job?

Hi there , I am German and live in Croatia now. 

I am about to relocate (leave Croatia for good) and check out the opportunities.
So now I am looking at Trieste at the moment. I love the place, made great friends there, and some other personal reasons, don't want to go back to northern Europe.

I am actually an NGO coordinator/campaigner, but from the tourism sector - without formal education. Drop out, baby... I speak 6 languages and started learning Italian. It's easy =)

What opportunities are in Trieste for someone like me?
I can do pretty much anything, am a people's person, quick learner, and can handle a crowd of people easily :)


Sono Thanuja .live in roma .i'm looking for a part time job for week end.(as a care giver .or in a resturent.or even cleaning job.)i can speek english and hebrew .and little bit italian .
Thank you so much.