English speaking jobs in Milan?


i am new in Milan and am looking for a job. I can understand Italian and i can speak fairly good but i would prefer to find an english speaking job. Any idea the best way?

Thank you

Hi mafor23, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

You may post an advert under Milan classifieds > job section as well.

I wish you good luck and i hope members will be able to advice you.

Hi. Im planning to move to Milan in April to join my fiance. I'll be in the same situation. And I'm so nervous. I don't know enough Italian to try to find an Italian speaking job. I'm an engineer by trade, but willing to make a career change if needed. I wish you the best of luck in finding your job. Let me know if you happen to find a good website, head hunter, etc...I'd really appreciate it!


I am Olga from Greece, still living in Athens but soon moving to Milan to live with my boyfriend.

Same here: I have some basic understanding in Italian and I am positive that I could be more fluent after staying there for some months, but not confident enough yet to ask for a job where italian language is a "must"!

I am in the same position like some of you were, maybe some months ago, and I hope that you have already found your way in this interesting and busy city :)

If any of you would like, I would be happy to share some of your experiences on the field, some tips or links on finding an "english speaker" job in Milan - any kind of job would do, at first place.

And hopefully soon, I would love to meet some of you in Milan. At the moment I am visiting every now and then, but soon I'm becoming a permanent residence :)