Developing your social circle in Milan

developing your social circle in milan
Updated 2019-05-29 09:34

Some call Milan The Little London, as it offers plenty of possibilities to make new friends and to go out. It never runs out of fun, excitement and places to go out. Here's how to expand your social circle in this impressive city.

Creating friendships

The curious thing about large cities is that they might, at times, have lonely individuals. The constant rush, work and modern way of living, brings confusion and difficulties to interact. The good news is that Milan offers plenty of solutions to beat melancholia and to find long lasting friendships. A good start is following the main places around the city with some peers, like colleagues or students. Another step for creating a network of friends is interacting with strangers who share the same interests as you. Below are some ideas.

Language exchange

These are organized by many groups, and offer to exchange English for Italian, or for whatever other languages a person speaks. They are usually done over drinks and help the process of meeting likeminded people. The language exchange events happen regularly (around once per week) and connect many people who like to interact with different cultures.

Doing sports

Sport brings everyone closer. In Milan even more so, as there are many sports groups. Some good ideas for English speakers are beach volley or hiking. However, for those who speak Italian, it is possible to join a team dedicated to a certain activity, like running, swimming, biking, bouldering, or yoga. The opportunities are plenty, and they offer the healthiest and the most exciting way of creating a social network.

In Milan, books can be read in any language; they accompany dinner and can be given as a heartwarming gift. The city offers some hidden opportunities for those who love literature, to join literature groups and to share the knowledge and the passion for writing. Such are Biblioteca Venezia, Il Club del Libro, and Il Circolo dei Lettori.

Chilled out places

A fun idea is Ostelo Bello, called by some the best hostel in Milan. It is a very open international environment that other than being a hostel offers events, small concerts, possibilities to go for a drink and interact, and options to have fun playing board games or foosball. It is easy to find near via Torino, but has a second location close to the Central Station area that offers a terrace with hammocks, and ping pong.

Joining https://www.expat.communities

One idea is as a community for expats that can interact about any information they are interested in. The website is completely free of charge and includes a Forum and an Events section. There are plenty of similar groups for expatriates who offer first contacts between those who have just arrived in the city.

Association clubs

These clubs like Archi and Magnolia, offer scenes in many locations. While some might feel uncomfortable about going there alone, these places offer a relaxed home-like atmosphere with open-minded people who like to communicate. They are an absolute good idea for listening to good music, meeting enjoyable people and understanding more about the Milan underground scene.

The concept of social cooking

Social cooking is a fun activity that helps people learn how to cook new dishes (instructed by a Chef), but also to dedicate to a new activity, and to socialize. This method is considered exceptional, mainly because of the importance that food has in Italy. Sharing food, experiences and abilities can, without any doubt, create new friendships and bring awareness about the Italian concept of slow food.

To create a social network is sometimes up to creativity. Whether one likes bars, nightclubs or nature depends on personal ideas, and within oneself lays the answer to the question 'where to socialise'. Milan offers a lot of fun (even on the hard working days), and this can be reached by patiently working on the social circle as the most important element in every person's life, and an essential factor for loving the place where one lives.

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