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my family and I are hoping to purchase property in the southern part of Italy in the near future. We are at a total loss as to how to proceed. Having no contacts.
We are looking to rent first. 
Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I'm just in the research phase myself. There are a number of YouTube videos and house finders if you Google the area you're after. Also a number of expat in italy Facebook groups that may be worth joining too.

Hi, I have been living in Sicily for 3 years now (parco delle Madonie close to Cefalù ( and I am helping friends and friends of friends to find and buy properties in the area. If you need further information, I will be happy to help

Hi Diane,

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Congrats on the upcoming'll love it here.

Renting is a good first start.  Take your time to find a good realtor and one that speaks your native tongue, which will help when going to purchase.

There are several documents you will want to acquire as soon as you can...the first is the Resident Permit (permesso di soggiorno).  Apply within the first few days of arriving in Italy so that you can stay in Italy for longer than a regular "tourist".  Here's a website that may help with the other documents: … -to-italy/
The easiest document to acquire is the codice fiscale.  There are several websites, so simply google them.

We (my wife and I) arrived in Italy mid-summer and by Christmas-time we were settling on our new apartment.  So, it can happen quickly!  We had been searching online for months before the summer so we did A LOT of research.  As with all things real estate...location is extremely important!  Visit as many websites and individual properties as much as you are able and try to imagine how you want to live when here in Italy.

Good luck and welcome to Italy.  Ciao!

Willawonghill wrote:

Also a number of expat in italy Facebook groups that may be worth joining too.

Watch out for Facebook groups. There are massive number of scammers and other assorted criminals on there who make it their pleasure to take your cash.
I you meet them on Facebook, assume anything they say is a lie until you can prove it's true.

Hi there! I've worked with a few realtors, and to be honest, I have preferred to work without them because of the conflict of interest. I think that renting before you buy is a great way to get a feel for the culture and zone to maake sure it's a move you want to make permanently.

I give some house hunting tips on my YouTube channel ([link moderated]), as well as some real estate advice. You're more than welcome to watch and ask questions! :)

Hi how are you doing today


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Do you have some information about the subject matter of this thread ? If so then please post it here.

I am a real estate agent in Sicily, the only english agent in Sicily.    You will find on the forums that everyone is an expert,  because they once bought a house somewhere.   They will know the exact value of a house in a place they have never been to, they will know the planning problem the house you have fallen in love with has.  Except they won't.    Read as much as you can about the area, the buying property in Italy.   Look at the online portals for an idea of prices -  but ignore the 'valuations' of big sites like, as they are hopeless.  They will give you a square metre price for 'Florence'  or 'outer London'.  Hopeless.
One of the above posters - says she prefers to work without agents because of the conflict of interest.   She is 100% wrong.  She 'works '- and presumably wants paying - the conflict of interest is hers,  (an agent in ITaly must have a licence and it is illegal to ask for commission if you are not a legal agent)  An agent, must be law, be independent and have no conflict of interest.    That's why lawyers, geometras, architects cant be agents - as they have an evident interest in what you buy.

So in your case it depends where in southern Italy you are looking.   If you can check out the local agencies - and try and find one who is a member of FIAIP the professional agents body.  At least you will know they are operating legally.   Most agents do not share properties in Italy.  You will go to a certain agent to see a certain property. 

Renting is a good idea if you dont know the area.   However, most rentals in the south dont go via agents.  You need to be on the ground, and looking around, asking at the bar etc.  Any rental contract over 30 days must be registered at the tax office.   You would want a contratto transitorio which is up to 18 months, but you will need to specify with the landlord that you will want to take residency at the address - as it is up to the owner if they allow it.


I am looking for Independent Agent in Central Italy, speaks English and Not affiliated with a Real Estate Company who  have experienced in helping foreigners purchase properties.

Thank you



Our independent agent, Marco Galasso at Folignio Umbria, is a member of  Fiaip association and understands a lot of English, uses sayit on his phone if we loose track and is responsive to Whatsapp and emails, unlike many who just don't bother to reply.

We are certain if you contacted him with an idea of the type of property you are looking for, price and location, he would be able to assist you finding what you want.

I must say we had firm ideas about what we wanted, a property in walking distance of shops and cafes good road and rail links, no pool, manaeable garden and bought a large tuscan farmhouse, pool and 1 ha of land, which has been manageable, 15 mins to main station and town, so don't be surprised if your heart take you to something unexpected :)

Good luck


@M Hunt

Hi Marguerite,

Awesome, can you give me me his contact number?

Thank you.




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