Renting Documents required for Permesso Di Soggiorno

Hello All,
  I am new to Milan and moved here just a Month ago. I am from India and work here at Milan.
I have applied for Permesso di Soggiorno for EU Blue Card and have Finger print appointment in February.

Subject : While I am searching for rent, I am not so clear about asking the Owner of the house about "Housing suitability certificate" ("dichiarazione di idoneità alloggiativa" ). This is needed for me to Qualify the Resident permit. Is this to be done by myself? or the Rent Agencies?
Few Rent Agencies says they can do it and maximum agencies doesn't know.
Note : I am looking for a house to qualify the Family Reunion Visa ( my husband and my two children who are below 10years)

This also shuts  the option for me to rent with the Private owner, as they are not much aware of expats searching for House documents which is according to Govt. rules.

I referred these two Govt. websites :


I need any suggestions or recommendations especially if you have rented house to quality for Resident Permit Need.

Thanks for your support

It is supposed that you have to apply at Comune of Milan for that certification. You need the cooperation of the landlord in order to collect tha certified plans of the apartment. Otherwise you have to appoint an architect for doing that. Once you get the plans you'll be able to apply for.
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Carlo Veronese

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Thanks Carlo . I will have a look at it.

I went through this too, and you will need a certification of compliance for the plumbing and the boiler. Both of these you can otain from the landlord. I also required the floor plan and I drew one and printed it myself. It was accepted by the commune so I do not think you will need a professional. When I took them to the commune they were all thrown onto a shelf above the officer's desk, and I suspect they are still sitting there today!!!

My partner have the same Blue Card and I know very well all the process. Since your family need to be with you the house should be enough big for 4 Ppl, it's the technical office of Municipalities that have to issue that document.  The Owner (not you) have to fill a form of request and the document, when the document is ready the owner give it to you. Pay attention will will have to pay a mark of 16€ on the request and another one of 16€ on the document. When you go to appointment bring a copy, you show the original and keep it. So for next reniew you don't have to ask for a new document but just for reniew of the one you have free of charge.

You can of course rent with the private owner, but the rent contract need to be registered, so a  NORMAL LEGAL contract like elsewhere in the world. You bring the registered contract to the appointment too.

   Thanks a lot. I have just applied to comune and hoping to get any feedback or appoitment from them.

Hi Stee,
   Well explained. Thank you so much.

welcome ;)

Ciao Meera,
Please let me know how this process ended for you!