Change of Address before permesso di soggiorno appointment


My name is Kamal and I just moved to Italy to do my MSc. in Milano.

I submitted my permesso di soggiorno papers and got an appointment at the Questura.

But I recently changed apartments  and so the rental contract I have has a different address than the one on my application.

Is that a problem or can I just tell them about this at the apointment?

NB: I had to change addresses because the previous rental did not allow residence permit applications.

Thank you so much for your help and time.
Kamal Ayoub

@KamalAyoub23  doesn't look like an issue if the 'permesso' you applied for is only the 'studenti-studio' one. Moreover, when you have the appointment, you can communicate this to them, if you already had the appointment, I think there is nothing to worry about.

@KamalAyoub23 hi Kamal did this end up being an issue for you? I have a similar situation. I was worried that the address I give at my visit to the Post Office would be used to send me paper mail or otherwise contact me before the Questura appointment, but I would not be present there.