Where to buy household / home goods in Milan?

I am new to Milan from the US.  I'm looking for a place, as close to city center as possible, where there's a BIG household goods store with wide selection and competitive prices.  I'm hoping for whatever the closest Italian counterpart is to Target or Walmart that is near the Duomo/center. 

I've discovered the Decathlon store on the Northwest side of the 1st circle, which is huge and great for sports/activities/clothes. 

But I will need to buy a lot of things for home like pillows, sheets, bottles of body care products, cookware, etc, etc. 

I've heard there are some big stores further out, and those suggestions are welcome as well as I could take a cab for a big excursion.  But I also need to know a day to day destination that is close to the center enough to be reasonable for a shopping run for just a few items.

P.S.  I have no car.


Try ikea for household items and Esselunga for all day to day needs

> Ikea can be the best to find home things but locate in
> periferia, in Trezzano. On the way to go to Ikea, there is LOT
> of stores there but without a car can be a job.
> Close to centro di Milano, no really cheap places to buy
> things!!!
> Close to Fiera Milano (exposition mall) there is Portello,
> located on ex-Alfa Roméo terreno, taxi driver know the place.
> In Portello you find almost all you need for the house (Darty
> for TV, radio, micro wave, washer/dryer but Eldo have lower
> price and same things but locate close to Ikea), including a
> large super market.
> Esselunga is also a good point to begin with


Found a great spot on my own: Brico Center and the Simply Market.  The first one is like a mini Home Depot plus some Target type stuff.  And the Simply Market is a big grocery store, plus household stuff and even a small socks and underwear section.

Very close to city center at Viale Corsica 7, just outside the 2nd ring.